Visit to The Weald Foundation13th July 2019

Goooooooo Andy!!!!! :D
Shame about Grahame, I was warming to him.
As a never served civvy, I'll stick my hand up as a reserve if you're stuck for numbers. I know, never volunteer for anything, but this looks pretty f exciting!
Don't think parking is too much of a prob looking at the size of the yard in the vids.
Can we have that in triplecate, in Block capital's and your bestist writing.
My bestest writing isn't very good at the moment. Spent an enjoyable afternoon at Ipswich hospital having an ulcer treated in one eye, and a foreign body removed from the other with a bloody great needle. Good job I can zoom in on my phone, otherwise I'd be fcuked!!! Still, i can still see the bottom of a beer glass from time to time.:D

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