Visit to The Weald Foundation13th July 2019

Right, I have booked Saturday the 13th July. We must get up to 20, so those of you in clubs or associations please put your feelers out.

Please tell me if you are coming on the 13th.
Thank you - I have ow got my pass. If we are short on numbers I have a friend (I know, amazing!) who would probably like to come but he is boring and has the social skills of a corpse but he would make up the numbers as a last resort
Are you saying that the Colchester redcaps might have warmed a bed for one or two ARRSE members over the years? Surely not!


Book Reviewer
I'd love to, but I'll be in Lanzarote.
Right, I'm having to reserve the 13th and pay some wedge in order to do so, so please don't let me down!

It's a four hour tour. Starting time would be 9am for 9.30am start. Coffee and croissants etc to kick off.

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