Visit to The Weald Foundation13th July 2019

Nice to see the WF Jagdpanther on 'Nazi War Machine Secrets Uncovered' last night. Not sure how many 'secrets' were actually uncovered, but the interior of the Jagdpanther was interesting, especially the manual telegraph between the commanders and drivers locations. The 6 wheel staff car was an awesome beast too.
....I know. And Bovington Tank museum too. The mercedes was something else and it was good to see the Horch get a run out too.

As Wifey and I both drive Audis and we have a VW camper, I am wondering if I should change the little old MX5 we have in the garage for a Merc. After all, our transport appears to be very Axis so we may as well focus on one or the other of the bad side.



Members Open Day 2020
03 Jan 2020

Early bird catches the worm!

Thank you to those of you who have already confirmed their interest to attend Members Open Day 2020!
All Weald Foundation Members are invited to attend the Open Day 2020. Deadline for securing your place is the 30th April. All those who wish to attend with or without guests have to respond by this date as places are limited.
04 July 2020 10:00 - 15.30

Members and guests are invited to participate in your Foundation's current leichte Panzer Spähwagen (4-wheeled German Armoured Car) restoration projects - including the Sd.Kfz.261, Sd.Kfz.223 and Sd.Kfz.222. The engineering team will be on side to discuss their part in these interesting restorations.

Three of your Foundation’s Trustees will formal presentations in our audio-visual room.
Hilary Louis Doyle (Panzer Tracts author) will discuss the latest research findings on the wartime use and production of the leichte Einheits Pkw (Light Universal Personnel Cars).

Michael Gibb will cover the restoration and evolving research for the leichte Panzer Spähwagen
Jim Dowdall (Renowned stuntman) will provide an insight into the BMW R75 and Zundapp KS750 heavy motorcycle sidecar outfits and the use of these by the Wehrmacht and a short inclusion re the use of original and post war (fake) bikes in famous war movies.

Some of the Foundation’s future projects will be available to view. Some restored vehicles will participate in a mobile display (weather permitting) and will be available for members to examine and discuss.
Rides will be provided, (weather and ground conditions permitting) on a fee basis, on some of the Foundation’s vehicles.

Parking will be available from 10:00. Coffee, tea and pastries will be provided on arrival. Formal Open Day activities will start at 10:30 and close at 15:30 sharp.

Given the success of last year's Open Day, numbers must be strictly controlled. Members have free access to the Open Day as part of the benefits package*. Register early to avoid disappointment. Guests of members are welcome but will only be able to attend if spaces are available. Tickets for guests must be purchased in advance and cost £30.

Please let us know asap if you plan to attend the Open Day by return at .
* Membership must be valid for the 4th July 2020


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