Visit to the battlefields of Waterloo and Agincourt.

Me and my lad are setting off in a few weeks. Flying out to Brussels, spending a day at Waterloo then driving down to Arras to visit the battlefields. Going to add in a trip to Thiepval and Agincourt.

I've bought tickets which, as far as I can tell (my French being pants), have got me on a tour of Waterloo. Anyone been and can give me the gen?
I went a few years ago, when the re-enactors were doing their bit, I was mightily impressed, I do not know what tickets you have but of you go into the centre of town you can get a combined ticket to see most of the relevant sites, my favourite being Wellingtons HQ, which is as it was back in 1815, looking out of the windows you can picture whats it looked like back in the day.

I think they have a big battle every year around the same time of the anniversary of the battle, this is easily a two day trip, we stayed in a small hotel in Brussels, and drove the short distance to Waterloo, which is just a suburb of the city.

The one to go to is in 2015, as this will be 200 years since the main event, and I for one will certainly be there.
If you're going to Waterloo 1st, you're better off getting the tube to St Pancras, then jumping on the EuroStar to France.

I saw an awesome fight at the entrance to the tube, at Waterloo, at the top of the escalators......make sure that's on your "to do" list.

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