Visit Terminal 5 - Heathrow

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by 4-8-Alfa, Oct 1, 2007.

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  1. I know this won’t appeal to everyone

    BAA are looking for people to 'test run' the new Terminal before it opens.

    The Terminal is pretty amazing, architecturally and in the way the components of the Terminal have been designed and will run. So if you're interested here you go.

    Visit T5
  2. you were right. It didnt appeal to me, but I can see people going to this.

    I did something similar with the Euro Tunnel a good few years back. It was to test the saftey procedures after they had had a fire. I got to walk a mile along the tunnel in a group of a bout 600 being led by a vey camp Eurostar attendant. (You had to be there to see how funny it was watching him trying to get a grip of so many of us, with him sounding like Julian Clary.)

    Inside it was an impressive piece of engineering. Shame it had to come out at France really.
  3. I suppose they need people with platinum AMEX who can afford the rip-off boutiques and the sandwiches that cost four times what they do in the Tesco down the road....

    (sorry; had a typical BA/BAA experience last night....)
  4. T5 is actually Heathrow's new storage facility for lost luggage
  5. if anybody does go have a thought and pay a respect for a mate of mine
    who died in an accident in the construction of the place ,ironic thing is he was working there to save money to move to Oz and isn't T5 the new terminal for flying to Oz
  6. Thank you for that information; it might make a good day out!

    I know.... I'm sad!