Visit of The Captain General to Larkhill

I have just returned from the Garden Party. What a fantastic day!!. The Royal Regiment was on form and I felt very proud to be there.

A huge pat on the back to all those involved.
Agreed, it was an excellent day. As a soldier and a royallist I felt extremely proud to be saluting the Sovereign within my 5 and 20 range markers.
maybe we missed an opportunity for a Gunners ARRSE social???
Lunch with the Ultimate Boss was a good experience too - to actually be in Her Majesty's presence for the National Anthem is a special feeling.

Everybody pulled out masses for the whole day and I expect the non-serving members of the Regimental family, be it partners/wives/husbands or former serving individuals must have been seriously impressed.

Also, doesn't Larkhill look much better for the extra attention it must have received? Very smart and shiny.
I totally agree that it was a good day, but where was the fecking beer, once Her Maj had left it was a great oppourtunity to have a Royal Piss up.
Just like to say I never got to the garden party as I was working on the equipment display, But to shake the hand and brief THE Boss was a great pleasure that I probably will never get to do again.

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