Visit of CinC to 23 Pioneer Regt

Discussion in 'RLC' started by BOWOBEAR, Feb 5, 2007.

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  1. Not issued kit ?
  2. what happened to Corp Pride, and no I'm not going for commisioning
  3. Corps pride, surely?
  4. Commissioning, surely?
  5. It would be a fair assumption that BOWOBEAR is not a candidate for commissioning due to his woeful spelling.
  6. Spelling is the least of my worries for commissioning, that fact that i know what I'm talking about ie Logistics is the reason why i won't get commissioning.
  7. "i.e." shurrrely? And remarkable proof that there is a place in our glorious organisation for the widest range of skills and expertise. Thank heavens you're a "logistics" expert, it allows me more time to contemplates the higher things in life.
  8. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    No stable belt.

    Hmmm, what is Corps policy at the moment?

    Maybe it's a Pioneer thing.
  9. Perhaps its an 'in the field' thing. I recall reading that Corps policy was to wear the belt in barracks only and the revert to green when on ops or field training.
  10. I got told to take mine off, SNCO's only! waste of a fiver!
  11. Isn't there some tosh about who can wear the metal or the leather buckle versions as well? How's it go; officers wear the leather, ORs wear the metal one?
  12. General Melchett

    General Melchett LE Moderator

    This was a visit by CinC though, with lots of shiny new looking tools by vehicles and things in boxes, not Ops or field training.

    Note subtle dig at 23. We love you really.
  13. Corp Pride, why would you?, what does it do for us? Plus I fully agree with at_ease, why wear something that isn't issued. If they want us to wear it they should give it us for free. We wouldn't pay for CS95 just as a Tesco worker wouldn't pay for their uniform.
  14. The corps, the leadership and all that sail on it has turned around 5 disparate organisations into 1 holistic ship sailing in the right direction in around a decade.

    It has reformed, reshaped and constantly reorganised beyond belief in order to fit into the new world (dis)order.

    Life pre-cold, war for loggies was very easy. Just open the doors of the depots, issue stuff, truck it to the front line job done. There was no jointery, no expeditionary ethos and mind-bogglingly limited conceptual logistic thought.

    If you want to kid yourself into believing that the RAOC/RCT etc were better places to be then do so. If you want to bleat that corps ethos was better in the forming corps then do that too.

    But, by my reckoning even the longest serving non commissioned soldier today has spent more time under an RLC capbadge than any other – so if you’ve got no pride then I’m afraid its your own fault, its what you’ve made it into - thanks for your lack of effort, but me and my generation are now prepared to make it better

    I meet people on a daily basis who are in true “capbadge denial”, who don’t wear stable belts, TRFs or Corps rank slides....and guess what fellas, you stick out a mile…you say to me “I’m a bit embarrassed about being a loggie, so instead of trying to make it better, I’ll try to hide”

    Very big rant over!

    And regarding not being issued a stable belt and therefore not wearing it, FFS grow up!!! That is the attitude of a bitter, passed over JNCO, which is what I expect, for those good reasons, you probably are.