Visit Hyde Park Barraks Possible?

Hello Lads,

Not sure this is the right place on the forum, apologies if it is not.

We are a couple of grenadiers (officer and soldier) from the continent visiting London at the end of the month. The main aim is to see the various museums (Army, Imperial War Museum, RAF and Tower of London etc). While we have seen the horse guards before, it is always a pleasure to do so again. Any other gems one might not think of readily?

Also, we were wondering if it were possible to visit e.g. Hyde Park Barracks or an establishment like it informally and without having to inform and involve the whole chain of command on both sides. Nothing spectacular really, just to get a peek at the everyday routine of an army we greatly admire and the chance to meet and greet. Not knowing what the policy is, a friend suggested this site to to get in touch informally. We are of course happy to give our details to be vetted and identified in advance if required.

Any feedback welcome.
Thanks Jarrod,

When I checked I could not find any of the deals you mentioned. Not to worry though. No other must see sites from a military perspective?
Are you serving Gren's? Just thinking that they must still have the H Div stables for the Trooping? If you're not serving I guess it could be hard, but Hopefully Johnboy might have been able to give you some useful info.
Thank you all for the warm welcome and the suggestions, especially those that came through pm. we will pursue these and hopefully something will come of it.

exdonkey: We are serving in our own army but I do not see how that would make difference in this case as said army is not the British army! Thanks again for your help!

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