Discussion in 'Officers' started by Hutch, Oct 3, 2006.

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  1. This may seem an odd question but I have not been able to find an actual answer to it. Is there a vision *limit* in order to pass the medical to become an officer (or for any other role in the Army for that matter!) because I am worried that my sight (+5.25 and +5.75) could be a problem (even though this is easily corrected with glasses or contact lenses, will it be enough to be failed on?)

    Sorry if I am being stupid here, but as I am getting close to the fitness levels I have been aiming for before taking my application further, it has been playing on my mind!
  2. cpunk

    cpunk LE Moderator

    It will prevent you being a helicopter pilot or SAS officer but otherwise you should be OK.
  3. Thanks for your reply - thats taken a huge weight off my mind :D
  4. the limit is +/- 6.00 for regular army so you should be okay
  5. Why this forum? Do officers need to have better eyesight?
  6. Compus My bold.
  7. Sorry - your point? Health and Fitness Forum
  8. My point dear chap is that he wishes to become an orifice so posted the question in the officers thread but did hasten to add "or any other role in the army for that matter".
  9. OK

    Health and Fitness Forum :wink:

  10. I put that additional comment because I was unsure whether officers would have different vision 'limitations' - was still determined to join up regardless so would have had to look at other options if my eyesight prevented me taking the officer route.

    Sorry to anyone who I may have offended by putting this in the wrong forum but as it was primarily aimed as a question about becoming an officer, I assumed this would be the right place

  11. Sorry dude, just being a sanctimonious arrse!

    Then the answer to your question (unless I'm mistaken) is that your health/fitness requirement is based on your role - not your rank; eg a Sgt Lynx pilot requires the same eyesight as a Capt Lynx pilot, whereas the eyesight required for stacking blankets ( :wink: ) is probably less, regardless of rank.