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Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by 12Kbetteroff, May 12, 2006.

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  1. Always been under the impression that visible tatts are a no go, so can anyone shed light on why a member of the argyles recruiting team would get away with a very visible tatt on his neck just below his ear?
  2. I know someone who got commissioned (and one who probably will get commissioned) even though they have loads of tattoos, almost "sleeves" down to their wrists and slightly beyond - so short sleeve order is interesting :?
  3. What do you say the kid who wants to join but gets knocked back due a visible tatt, he then comes out with the line but the recruiting boy had a tatt so why can’t I. Surely this guy on the recruiting team should be pulled up and disciplined or even kicked out.
  4. Where did you get that impression from?
  5. Had a mate who was prevented from joining because of his tatts. He was told he would have to get it removed before he would be allowed to join.
  6. Where were they? If they were on his face, then thats a fair one.
  7. Were they particulary offensive, or anti-establishment?
  8. Did they say, "bum" ?
  9. Mens miserum in corpore pulchro.

    Sad mind in a beautiful body?

    Fcuking swot, BB
  10. I meant "A wretched mind in a beautiful body" but the effect is much the same. It's both a jab at my ex and a clever play on words. Me a swot? You're the one who translated it.
  11. they will knock you back if you have tats above the collar.

    did he have 'BNP' on his forehead by anychance?
  12. 'Visible Tattoos'?...........Would there be any point in getting some 'invisible' ones?
  13. DrStealth,

    This guy had his tat above the collar that's how i was able to see it.
  14. Although I've not seen the regs, I was under the impression that tattoos were allowed on joining if they were indeed not offensive. Upon joining, all tattoos are supposed to be logged on your personal record. All tattoos gained after attestation are supposed to be out of sight when in normal working dress. Like I said, not seen the regs, but an oppo works in AFCO, so I'll ask the Q of him.
  15. Here's the Regs. It seems pretty Black and White and the recruiting Person should not be allowed to continue

    QRs para 5.366 (d)

    (1) It is Army policy that a person with tattoo marks which, because of size, position or nature would be detrimental to the Service, is ineligible for enlistment, re-enlistment or continued service in the Army.

    (2) Tattooing is to be discouraged, and unacceptable tattoos may result in applications being made for discharge under para 9.414 of these Regulations. Such tattoos are defined as being any tattoo(s), excessive in size or number, offensive or obscene, which are visible when wearing parade uniform (not including shirt sleeve order or sports clothing). The visible area comprises the head and neck.