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Discussion in 'ARRSE: Site Issues' started by Oneshot, May 3, 2006.

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  1. Just realised that peoples email will be visible to anybody who looks at arrse!

    If you go to someones profile and hover the cursor over the email button, their email will be shown in the bottom status bar of Internet explorer! Thought i would post it on here so people are aware of the potential persec issue!

  2. Mine is an email account that has expired, and as I can't change it in my profile, I'm not too worried
  3. Im not too worried either, but if someone has used an email address that is a direct pointer to them and they thought it couldn't be seen then they might see this as an issue.


    PS - think you can change your email by PM'ing one of the co's!!
  4. I wasn't disagreeing with the persec point, I thought that there was an option for your email to remain hidden? and on pming the CO's - that involves effort on my part, and anyone who needs my email address already has it.

    edited several times for mong typing.
  5. You can change it so that the E-mail visable is not the actual E-mail address.

    If you look at mine it should say "Stabtiffy" mail, or somesuch. That isn't my actual E-mail address.
  6. But the problem with that is when you click "email" to email you, all you get is the fake and not an actual addrss to send to (just tried it).
  7. But it should still work (I think).

    I would say test it on me, but I can't access my E-mails from work. Any volunteers?
  8. completely different point but I didn't want to make an entirely new post for such a small suggestion. Has no one noticed that the times have not been changed anywhere on this site. For example where it says "Posted.... 10.56"
    ie the time needs to be brought forward an hour
  9. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    The option to hide or display your email shows up in your account settings.


  10. My option to show my email is set to "No" and I have entered a fake address as well. But when you put the pointer on my email icon in my profile it still shows my email address.
  11. Well it wouldn't be hard to guess it ""

    Have you tried logging out and then checking whether your email address is visible?
  12. Yup, I know, my point is it doesn't work! You can still see an email address if you know what your looking at. Min is set to off and ad a fake setup, but you could still see what my real address is. I've tested this on a couple of different computers and logging out etc and I can still see quite a few peoples email addresses, when I'm sure this could be undesirable!

    My main reason for posting it on here and not just PM;ing the CO's was to make people aware incase they had used a personal email address!

  13. Hmm I chose to have mine visible, originally I used my normal E-mail which IDs me to the whole world. I then had to ask BCO to change it and set up a new account@hotmail for Persec.

    PM me what address you see on mine if its anything other than Gisit. I will have some savage deleting to do as Ihave recommended this site to my boss 8O :D

  14. Nope, your fine "at your boss in front, in your own time, go on!"

    i think your idea is the way ahead, shame really but eminently sensible!
  15. I've got a fake e-mail in my personal details and having checked, that is what pops up when I'm logged out. I had a bit of a moment when I first checked, still logged in, as my armymail address came up - which doesn't leave much to the imagination really... doh!