Viscount Trenchard's son jailed for Tesco fraud

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by FourZeroCharlie, Feb 3, 2011.

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  1. Oh, dear.

    "Alexander Trenchard, 32, the eldest son of Viscount Trenchard, admitted theft and fraud by false representation.
    While in the £70,000-a-year post of corporate affairs manager he used the card to pay off debts incurred by a musical festival at the family seat, Standon Lordship in Hertfordshire.
    He had become "obsessed" with the event, Aylesbury Crown Court heard.
    Over 10 years, the former page boy to the Queen had developed the annual summer festival near Ware from his birthday garden party into "Standon Calling", attended by people from across the UK........................"

    More here BBC News - Viscount Trenchard's son jailed for Tesco fraud

    Great grandfather must be spinning in his grave. Or doing a barrel roll or.............

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  2. I worked for the 3rd Viscount Trenchard, absolutly stirling chap despite his allegiance to the crabs. VERY frugal with money, as only the old aristocracy can be (I treated him to lunch once...). Sadly spending nothing on modern friperies for his son in a school environment where ones new money peers had everything must have made a lasting and dangerous impression on his son. Which may have manifested in this ludicrous one upmanship of an unprofitable festival.

    Bit of a balls up.
  3. Sad. Very sad. I expect the usual suspects will have a field day bashing the 'public school educated, privileged peers'.

    PS: I can't weave the names of the two tossers I can normally fit into any thread, as I do not want their names besmirching the name of Trenchard.
  4. Sad indeed, but nothing to do with his family name or education, and everything to do with the fact that he is a weak-willed twat who got in over his head. That said, his family have paid back the money and he will pay them back in turn, along with serving time. That's a lot more than most offenders ever do. Good luck to him I say.

    Of course, none of this will stop the usual crop of envy-laden class warriors from scoring points.
  5. Excellent post and thoroughly agree with you.
  6. I'm in complete agreement, however
    was very amusing
  7. The Trechard's are members of my fishing club......gentlemen all.
  8. They just keep poor company.
  9. Though funnily enough both the 1st Viscount's sons served in the Army in WW2. Lieut Hugh Trenchard, Grenadier Guards, was killed in action in Tunisia in March 1943:

    CWGC :: Certificate

    Lieut Thomas Trenchard (2nd Viscount), King's Royal Rifle Corps,was awarded the Military Cross in Feb 1945:

    Viewing Page 1177 of Issue 36961
  10. Hardly, I've never shared a beat with them.........
  11. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    Within a week of succeeding his old Dad as 4th Viscount Trenchard no doubt? At risk of being called an envy-laden class warrior (privately educated, done rather nicely, thanks) having paid back the money is the only reason Alexander is not doing a 10 stretch. This was a cynical £355,000 fraud perpetrated whilst in a position of trust so as he could turn his birthday party into the new Glastonbury. If finding an ancestor who was much decorated is mitigation, our jails would be half empty. I for one hope he shares a cell with Big Mary.
  12. I'm not making excuses for him, but he (and his family) are to be commended for taking responsibility, paying his debt, and for taking his medicine.

    You seem to be making a number of assumptions* TheIronDuke:

    Is the fact that his family paid back the money in question the reason he isn't facing a stiffer sentence? I doubt if it's the only reason, but surely paying back the amout in question should figure in the court's consideration?

    Was his descent from the 1st Viscount Trenchard actually taken into consideration by the court? Again, I doubt it.

    Do you wish him to share a cell with 'Big Mary' because of his family background, and if so, why? Anti-aristo chippiness perhaps? If not, I don't know why you'd wish this on him.

    *can you provide proof/evidence for these assumptions?
  13. TheIronDuke

    TheIronDuke LE Book Reviewer

    That he (or his family) paid back the money is to be commended and, as I said, is one reason why he is not doing ten years. I stand to be corrected, but for a £355,000 rip-off from a position of trust, I would expect 5-10 if he'd just spent the money?

    I doubt that his descent from the 1st Viscount Trenchard was taken into consideration much, but I am sure his defence pointed out that he 'was of good family'. That would be part of the pre-sentence report I assume, so would be relevent background detail.

    I hope all thieves share a cell with Big Mary, pour encourager les autres. And I couldnt care if they are belted Earls or Buckfast clutching Neds. Where thieves are concerned I'm really not bothered about social standing or illustrious ancestors.
  14. [​IMG]



    and bust-ed...
  15. Sentence does not sound to far out, someone I know got 3 years 9 months for fraud (pinching £825,000 from the Inland Revenue) so 30 months for £355,000 is about right, he also paid it back with compensation mostly before his trial. I suspect that the action of paying the money back helps more than who you are (this guy was a solicitor) when it comes to trial.