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  1. Hi I'm from Grenada, can anyone tell me if I require a visa to Join the Army?
  2. I am from Sheba, I am also the Queen. Will I need one too?

    The Queen of Sheba.

    (Sorry - too tempting).
  3. Yes at least 5 years on your passport and 4 months on your VISA (at some stages at your own expense you will need to renew your VISA maybe a few times at your own expense) Your best off starting the application on the Online Overseas Application to start with as this will cut down some of the time needed in the UK and expense for yourself. You will also need a sponsor to stay with whilst in the UK going through the selection process. Have a look on the Army web site at overseas applications.
  4. Queen WALT....saying that your tash is similar to Freddie Mercury
  5. Most places are happy with a direct debit card, but a visa would be even handier when travelling
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.