Visa Scam

Recieved the following details in an e mail this morning. Originated in America.

You get a phone call, is that Joe Bloggs ? yes, ah Mr/Miss X working for the Visa fraud investigation unit, we have what appears to be a strange transaction, it's £x to XXX. Your credit card number is - then they tell you the number. So you did not make that transaction ? - nope. Ok we will cancel it. Here is a report number should you need to contact visa at a later date xxxxxxx. Just to verify that the card is in your possession, could you give us the numbers on the back ? Ok thanks very much.

Of course everyone knows that with the security numbers you can purchase stuff on the net - card not present fraud.

No doubt we will all recieve the e mail warning us against this, but no harm in posting this - forewarned and all that.


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Just to be clear: What are your CC numbers?
I never use mine, I use the ones I cloned :)
Just checked my card and I'm safe cos the numbers on the back have all rubbed off. :wink:


Just give them wrong numbers, they'l clone a card or try to use the details and get refused. That flags it up with the CC agency and retailers and they can start to track the fookers down.

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