Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by MSI64, Nov 8, 2005.

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  1. Ok I may be getting out of my pram over this, but can anyone tell me if the Army sorts out Visa's for The hundreds of Commonwealth soldiers wives who we get every year? If so how come my wife and son who are both American citizens have had to leave the country for two months to sort it out back in the US.I feel the Army has let me down and need to find out what the score is.
    Cheers then anyone who can help.
  2. yes. units are supposed to help. This subject has been covered recently, will check, Wait Out.
  4. Was told it was my problem as she was American and not Commonwealth, well thats what you get for trying to get settled down with a family in an Army that only seems to look after singlys who have been in two minutes. No offence to singlys or newbies.
  5. noted, MS164. You make a good point, hopefully one of us will help to sort it out.
  6. HM Immigration & Naturalisation Service have a useful website here.

    All the regulations are there and you can download the necessary forms. It's not the world's most straightforward procedure, and frankly I would prefer to do it myself, unless I knew and trusted the RAO well. Having jumped through the hoops with my (now ex-) wife, and helped a couple of others, my top tips are:

    - complete all the paperwork accurately and clearly, and make sure you attach all required papers. Forgetting anything results in endless delays.

    - if you have to attend an immigration office, take a good book, a packed lunch and get there early. It's tedious, but being polite to the staff works wonders. When I went, anyone doing loud windmill impressions was kept waiting for ages - the polite were processed in 5 mins. Again, having all the right paperwork is a must - lots of people waited 3-4 hours and were turned away because they'd forgotten a bank statement.
  7. Thanks guys for your help my wife has sorted her Visa, but it has taken two months of her being away from me to sort. It was just a question after the event and a kind of warning for others in the same boat and i was curious if the Army actually could have helped thanks anyway guys.