Visa for Cuba

Looking for some advice as Internet searches bring up some very varied and dodgy looking links. According to the FCO website British passport holders require a tourist visa to enter Cuba; has anybody been recently and can they tell me if they needed a visa or just a tourist card (provided on the flight)? Issue is we are based in Canada and our travel agent says not required...which is correct for Canadian citizens. Next stop is asking the British High Commission but didn't want to waste their time if someone had up to date personal experience. In anticipation, thanks.

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Been twice ('09 and 'l11) on a UK passport, out and back from Gatwick. Booked throuh 'big' UK operators and any docs were supplied with the cost of the holiday. Unsure if a Canadian operator (you booking through a local company as a UK citizen, right?) would operate the same if it is not a requirement for Canadians and they are not used to 'foreigners' travelling. Give Thompson's website a look or phone Cuban Embassy in Canada.

There are some 'odd' dos and don'ts re Cuba and I checked with the Embassy before travelling if Kindles and iPods were OK as they can be touchy about electronics and anything witha GPS! Also got my 007 paperbacks OK'd before I took them!

One final thing - and it was in my travel docs - no items of camoflage are allowed! Not really enforced, but it is mentioned!

Enjoy the rum and soda!
Just to close this off; great holiday and no problems at all. The visa is the tourist card as issued by the airline (in my case) and there is no need for anything else. Amazing country and really is like stepping back in time! Thoroughly recommended as a destination for anyone who likes sun, sand and culture.

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