Visa Extensions?

Hey guys, I'm a South African currently in the recruiting process. I have ADSC on Monday and might, thanks to a admin stuff up miss the last Guards regiment intake(my first choice) before my visa expires. Does anyone know what the process is and what the army can do to help with a visa extension(under a month)? I spoke to my recruiter and he said he's not sure as he's never had to do it. Otherwise, I have options to join the Queens div, Prince of Wales div or Scots Div before my visa runs out and this wouldn't be a problem if I wasn't so set on doing public duties and then joining the airborne forces through Guards Para.

Got the answer from a mate of mine. No problem getting my visa renewed if I'm willing to drop £600.
hi saffa, send an application to the UKBA- Leave To Remain in the Uk and let them know you are the process of joining the army and you need an extension of your visa. If u dnt get a letter from your recruiter don't worry, just try and get them the recruiting office address and telephone number since they'l call up and find out. So far as u have a sponsor to sponsor you in the Uk and also pay your £561 application fees your visa will extended for you. Hope this helps, cheers.

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