Visa expires just after I start basic. What do I do????

Discussion in 'Southern Africa' started by Bazil, Oct 2, 2009.

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  1. Hi all

    Need a bit of help here. I start my basic training on the 18 October but my visa expires on the 30 October and Im not 100% sure what happens then, whether I can stay without a visa or not. The careers office tell me that when I get down to catterick they send my passport away to sort out a new visa or what ever I need to stay, Is this correct or do I need to sort it out myself???
  2. You can get paid in cash during basic, so not to worry ;)
  3. They probably know best.
  4. Can't see the Border Agency dragging you off the drill square, the drill pig would go balistic
  5. I thought that aswel mate but they werent 100% sure they said that I f I had been given a start date before my visa expires then I should be fine they should do it when I get to catterick. Im back checking, Id rather be safe then sorry, you no what I mean.
  6. Go to your admin office and they'll help.

    As long as you are serving, I believe you have the "Right to Remain" and the visa will not be an issue. MOD Form 90, better than a visa!!
  7. from UK Border Agency Immigration Directorate instructions:

  8. Spoke with the online careers officer and he said that when I get to basic they will stamp my passport with a unrestricted right of entry to the uk for the time I serve. Does anyone no what that means?? I no I can stay but are there any terms to it????
  9. that just means that as long as you are in the army you have the right to stay in the uk. and ofcourse when you leave the army that visa expires
  10. thats right. its not really a visa. As long as you are in the army you are exempt from immigration control. you can come and go from the uk as you please. technically you don´t even need the stamp. it just makes it easier to verify your status to immigration officers at the airport, to open bank account etc