Virus Warning

Discussion in 'The Other Half' started by blessed baby cakes, Jun 19, 2004.

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  1. Three Government Systems have already been targeted, if you are on a GSI system or other PLEASE be extra careful!!!!!
  2. It's a hoax - google it and you'll see what I mean
  3. maybe, but we're being circulated with the added warning, edited, that reads,

    this to a remote users PC from Big Brother.......

    now what is a worm virus, and how do i aviod them?
  4. Bleach usually works with worms. Try pouring it in the back of your PC through the fan hole.
  5. Haven't we already had this slagging match when you told me how to defragment my PC by deleting the C drive?

    Besides Dale throw a glass of white wine down there last weekend, i need to wait for it to dry before i can pour in any more bleach.....
  6. Tip of the Day - Combating the imposing threat of a worm virus outbreak.

    First, click on start, click on Run, and type in Regedit. Click on Okay, and start deleting everything in this folder. Reboot machine, and hey, no viruses !!
  7. tuck your pc up in bed for the day and feed only soup for 48hrs.