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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by jack-daniels, Mar 14, 2011.

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  1. Anyone know of a good free one? Other laptop was supposed to be protected with Kaspersky but it was attacked earlier. Don't want to go spending a fortune to sort it if there's a good freebie one out there.
  2. Cheers mate.
  3. A2_Matelot

    A2_Matelot LE Book Reviewer

    Avira is good as is AVG, another freebie!
  4. Will all these remove the viruses that are on my laptop for free or will I have to purchase it once it's said something along the lines of ''your PC is infected buy here to remove them''!
  5. No, they're free - no purchase necessary.
  6. Whatever you switch to, make sure you get rid of all the Kaspersky bits. It sticks like sh*t to a blanket, the built in removal tool doesn't do it all and the ligering bits will interfere with what ever you replace it with. There is (or was) a dedicated removal tool available from the Kaspersky website.

    Avast is good, free and removes anything I've found on my laptop, but one thing to watch out for. Quite a few people find the Webshield function blocks their access to the internet and they have to turn it off. There's a lot of discussion on the Avast forum, but no guaranteed fix.

  7. Seconded, also use (thanks to MSR), Secunia PSI to keep everything up to date.

    A lot of the free AV's you have to have a root around the site to find the free link, if you can't find it try searching on CNet.
  8. Home - SurfRight

    HitmanPro is free and good secondary check to run

    If you do go up the Microsoft Security Essentials Route make sure you have a pukka MS software loaded.

    I buy ESET Nod 32 every year and think its great. You can download and try free before purchase with no obligation. It updates itself daily and has never let me down.
    Free ESET Trial from ESET International

    The Secunia recommendation is spot on to as a good preventative measure and is easy to install and use
  9. msr

    msr LE


    Also worth checking to see if your bank offers free AV.

  10. It depends what the infections/trojans are, i.e Vista security 2011 has been doing the rounds and it's a PITA to remove.
  11. Cheers for all the tips chaps.....trying the Microsoft one first!


    Mr Computer Fuckwit

    P.S.....Can you run two together as I've read that they interfere with each other? On this laptop I've got Mcafee so would it bugger it up if I doubled my security so to speak?
  12. No, just google 'unistall Mcafee' and get rid, it'll be like a new computer after.


    Mr Computer Halfwit