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Apologies if asked before... I have just been reading the latest sitcom(Travelling to the Legion) by TurdKnight I mean deathknight and it dawned on me that with so many people putting links into threads what is the likelyhood of someone linking a virus? I am not totally illiterate where computers are concerned but this is something I don't know about. I mean is it possible for a virus to be embedded this way or not. I do have all the anti this and that, but am somewhat concerned now due to weirdos like deathknight. :?
Yes it is possable to pick up viruses from links without knowing. I would recomend AVAST home anti-virus, it is free and updates every day, the best thing is that it runs 24/7 sitting in the backgroundscanning everything you dowload or open. This is the link for it,

I have been using this for about 4 years now and it has found a few nasty things on a few sites.
If the link is to a direct download, cancel it. Bust as mentioned above, it is very easy for sites to attach malicious scripts to their pages, so a link to any site has the potential to be dangerous, but almost all modern antivirus programs cater for these type of virii.
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