Virtual war: The army and technology

Hi all,

I’ve been a long-time lurker in these forums (out of personal interest) but I thought I’d stick up a post here to draw your attention to a feature we ran in Custom PC magazine in collaboration with the Army.

Basically, they invited us to the Land Warfare Centre to see their military simulators in action, the connection being that some modern computer games (ArmA, for example) and military sims have quite a lot in common in terms of game engine and technology.

It was a bit of PR exercise by the Army designed to attract techies (such as CPC’s readers) into the forces, but we thought it was a great idea. It’s quite a long feature since it was written for the mag rather than the website, but I thought it would be of interest to you guys nonetheless.

Let me know what you think (I hope posting a linky here is acceptable?).

The feature is here.
Thanks for the article/link CPC: well written and informative. As someone who is serving and sort of "in the business" - even I learnt a few things!

BTW - welcome to ARRSE!
Is rather good article, enjoyed using the crowd films,always wondered why our Sgt got upset when we merrily shot everyone, but it brightened up an afternoon.
Glad you liked it. It's not often a tech mag gets to do something in support of the forces so it was good to get the invite. We seem to have quite a few forces readers and fairly regularly get sent pics of person + tank/Harrier in the sand somewhere. :D
MrCPC said:
Hi all,

It was a bit of PR exercise by the Army designed to attract techies (such as CPC’s readers) into the forces
Nice articel CpC, but please dont let any of your readers be suckered by the tought of an IT job in the forces. Unfortunately the forces are well behind the times in recognising that IT is a job in itself. Of course there are some jobs, but for the main part the MOD will outsource for IT expertese.

Some might say rightly so, spend money on soldiers not geeks etc, but then look where all the civilianisation of roles has brought us to today.

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