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Virtual sex

A woman is divorcing her hubby on the grounds of him having 'virtual sex' via Second life. How can you have an 'affair' on a bloody computer game?? :?


I went mad - I was so hurt. I just couldn't believe what he'd done," Amy said, of finding her feckless hubby having pretend sex in a game with a stranger.

"I looked at the computer screen and could see his character having sex with a female character. It's cheating as far as I'm concerned."
All is well though as apparently as she has met a new bloke on World of Warcraft 8O
Saw this on Channel 4 news earlier and looking at the pictures of the couple involved, t'is no wonder they resorted to starting an 'affair' 'cos they couldn't get a shag in a whorehouse.



Better not let the Mrs catch me with my hand otherwise I’m in the smelly stuff :roll:
Poor saps..... Its hardly wonder they are the weight they are.... wow.... I had better not 'point the finger'.... I'm sort of 'large and cuddly' myself.... hehehe! :) :lol:
iamalondoncrab said:

Some Second Lifers have been known to misbehave - a US journalist was attacked by flying penises when conducting an interview in his virtual office.

And infidelity is not the only thorny ethical issue thrown up by virtual sexual - some players have had sex with animals.

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