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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by maguire, May 20, 2013.

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  1. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    I'm becoming quite tempted by one of these 'virtual railway' game/sims you can pick up recently - particularly the ones you can set up and use pretty much like a big trainset.
    anyone have any experience of them and could make a recommendation please? they all seem to get rather mixed reviews on Amazon and the like.
  2. It depends on what you want.Yes there are "games" that are just like trainsets,but far better are the train Simulators.Microsoft Train Simulator is an old system but does still have a huge following,including extras you can download for free and some really cheap addons.It does have a few probe being so old.You may want to look at Train Simulator 2013.also the UK Trainsim forum is possibly the best place to go to.I still have MSTS,and do still run it.I will need a new PC for the latest Sims.

  3. BrunoNoMedals

    BrunoNoMedals LE Reviewer

    Get yourself Transport Tycoon! Since Microprose went under many years ago (RIP, great studio, dusty in here etc.) the majority of their games have gone open source and seen significant community fiddling. If you Google "Open Transport Tycoon Deluxe" you should get a Sourceforge download. You won't regret it.
  4. As said, it depends what you want. If you want a virtual model railway, I gather Hornby actually made a game a couple of years back that allows you to construct a 'virtual' model railway, complete with model Hornby locos. Not tried it but it looks like fun. Alternatively there is transport tycoon (which I played back in the day and was as said a hell of a lot of fun) and

    Microsoft train simulator is really if you like driving. There is a ton of content available for it, but its increasingly hard to get hold of ((I dont think anyone actually prints copies anymore) and the question remains whether its going to work on Windows 8. It should do, but considering what a balls up windows 8 is, I wouldnt count on it (Presumably you have the far more sensible windows 7 which works a treat).

    I do scenery building for Railworks, which is another trainsim which you can buy on the steam online purchase system. There is a ton of stuff available for purchase and quite a lot of freeware routes for use on it. Most of the freeware stuff you can fine on UKTS. Worth looking on there, someone is working on a free version of the Longmoor Military Railway. Best of all it has a very powerful route editor, so you can build anywhere you like. Ive been idly considering the route of the British military train, or maybe some East German route. It would even in theory be possible to built one of the WW1 narrow gauge lines, though you would need a 3d modeller to build an armoured simplex.

    As said, ask around on UKTS, its pretty much the one stop shop for train simming.
  5. Stuart666 are you ex 79 Railway Squadron?

    I am looking for a train simulator for a German route; BRAUNSCHWEIG HBF to VIENENBURG HBF.

    Passed on that section in 1980 driving an 216.
  6. If you're after driving simulation, then you will need an understanding of the Rule Book and brake force....also the difference between train brake and loco brake.

    Must admit that I never saw them as anything like driving them for real!
  7. No Im afraid not.

    There is a number of German routes coming out, including Hannover Hamburg which I helped build. But Im not aware of Braunschweig being built. Entirely possible to use the editor and build it yourself with existing assets of course, particularly if you can get hold of a gradient profile and signal plan. Not something you can do overnight though, and it takes a lot of practice with the editor.

    Re brakes, its improving. The Americans in particular were always complaining the brakes dont function anything like the real thing, but for a recent route they have reworked them and they seem a lot happier, particularly with the dynamic brake. Really hard to drive a very long freight train over donner pass now. But there is always room for improvement. In particular Im not very pleased with the way some of the steam locos work, though its pretty easier to mod them to something more realistic when you work out what you are doing.

    BTW, mentioned Longmoor, here are some links to it on UKTS. This one is completely free though you may have to hunt around to download it and the assets for Railworks.
    Atomic Systems • View topic - Longmoor FINISHED !
    Atomic Systems • View topic - Longmoor Military Railway - Stations Finished

    There is also an austerity J94 which I think Meshtools make that would be near ideal to run over it.
  8. Train Simulator 2014 uses Google earth data to assist in Route Planning now so it has become a bit easier.There is a lot of freeware for TS2013/14 coming out as well as Payware.I am waiting on a new laptop and TS2013 to arrive.
  9. Ive had a quick look at Simutrans which is same idea but different way of doing it.
  10. I fancy a train simulator, however I am to busy with my farming simulator at the moment.It's rather good oooarr, get orf my land.
  11. Train Simulator 2014 is amazing!The graphics are top notch.If youre going to get it,buy Train Simulator 2013,its a lot cheaper and it will be updated on Steam to TS 2014,doing it this way you get 4 routes free,the ones on 2013 are NOT included in 2014 version.I bought th\ Western Scottish routes DLC and its really great.
  12. Been playing around with this for a while now.I mainly go for Steam traction on pre Beeching routes.Since the release of the latest Nvidia Driver the quality of the graphics has improved immensly,everything is more crisp and great depth of detail.On the Steam Workshop there are nearly a thousand freeware Routes,Scenarios to tempt you.Some will require assets from some Payware DLC.I have started to build myself a small Branch line set up in the North of England,bit of a steep learning curve but theres many vids on YT to help.Selfbuild can take a LONG time as you have to "terraform" the environment.If you go for a route based on real topography then you can use Google Earth data to make Decals and that speeds up the process no end.Here are a few screenshots i got.[​IMG]

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  13. A couple more