Virtual Political Party

OK, just for fun lets imagine we formed a new political party , what manifestos would we have?

Keep it serious, additional comments to support your proposal welcome, but keep the Torchlit rallies out of it  ;D
  • To give an undertaking that Britain remains a Parliamentary democracy.  All ministers and officials are answerable to Parliament at all times.
  • All citizens (including Lords) who act in any capacity to formulate Government Policy are answerable to Parliament.
  • No member of the House of Lords may hold a ministerial post until they have sat in the Upper House for at least five years or unless they previously held office in the House of Commons.
  • Any member of the House of Lords who does not attend a specified number of sessions each Parliament will lose their voting rights.
  • To commit British Forces to any warlike operations where there is no clearly defined British interest at risk, will require a two thirds (of those entitled)vote in the House of Commons.
  • Any minister who has a conflict of interest between his own investments/business and their work as a minister must sell those investments.  "Blind" trusts are not acceptable.
  • The partners of any Minister must declare any interests that may be affected by their partner's role.
  • All potential applicants for Government sponsored posts or Quangos must be approved by a Parliamentary Select Committee with members from both Houses.

I'm sure there may a few more that would scupper Bliar.

I await Woopert's input with interest.
Sorry Packard and Viro...

Keeping it serious

Excellent opening of bowling G3  ;D
- Reduced council tax for military personnel who own a house they can't live in

- Bring back priority council housing for ex-forces

- Rescind current policy of appeasing terrorists in Ulster

- Where Members of Parliament have external interests, these should not take up more than (say) 15% of their time

- Reform of immigration to permit genuine asylum seekers for whom UK is the first country they come to after their own.  Deportation of asylum seekers/immigrants who are convicted of crime

- Reform of education to reintroduce trade apprenticeships and phase out useless degrees e.g. media studies/sociology

- Trainee doctors and nurses to commit to 3 years NHS service on qualifying after free training.  Dropouts to repay training costs
New party to make ALL MPs more accountable and open with their finances.  I want to know where the sizable chuck of public money goes each year at Westminster.
Absolutely NO welfare support for single mums unless divorced...


- Asylum seekers will be housed in detention centres while awaiting a preliminary hearing of their case. That hearing will take place within 7 days of arrival. Asylum seekers that attempt to abscond will be declined entry to the UK by default.

- Asylum seekers who arrive in the UK with no documentation to prvoe their identity will be returned to the country that they last travelled through. No application will proceed unless proff of identity exists.

- Asylum seekers once granted asylum will have no recourse to public funds, nor their spouse nor dependants save access to basic medical care and education for a period of no less than 10 years during which time they will pay taxes on any income earned at the standard rates.

- Workers wishing to come to the UK will be eligible to work permits for 3 years in the case of manual labour and 10 years for professions/trades. During their stay workers and dependants will have no recourse to public funds and will pay taxes at the standard rates. After a period of 25 years continuous legal stay in the UK the worker may apply for British Citizenship on the grounds that they ahve contributed to the wealth of the UK. If convicted of a criminal offence the worker and dependants will be deported once sentence has been served.

- Spouses of British Citizens who come from a list of approved countries will be given fast track approval to remain in the UK. Such countries would include the US, canada, Australia, New Zealand.

- Anyone found to be in the UK illegally will be deported immediately without recourse to further hearing. If they feel they have valid reasons to be in the UK once deported they should make their case to the British Embassy in their home country where the case will be decided upon its merits.


- The Univerity and Polytechnic distinction will be re-introduced in order to scrap degrees in "underwater basket weaving" and other pointless subjects.

- Universities at the bottom of the academic spectrum will be required to justify their existence every 3 years as degree awarding institutions.

- A Levels and GCSEs will be restored to their former level of difficulty so that they, along with degrees are worth something.

- All targets for 50% of 18 year olds entering HE will be scrapped as the dumbing down nonesense it is.

- Schools will be allowed to reintroduce the cane, suspension and expulsion will be at the discretion of the Headmaster and the Board of Governors.

- Emphasis will be placed on traditional subjects. Schools will not be permitted to give sex education that promotes homosexuality and other perversions.

- Re-introduction of the voucher scheme to allow the most gifted children the opportunity to go to the best public schools.

- Grammar school status to be protected and widended with the re-introduction of an 11 plus exam.

Armed Forces

- increased spending to a sustainable level

- Total operational independance from government once warfighting or peacekeeping operations begins.

- reduction in the number of peacekeeping and other tasks currently undertaken.

- Improved T&Cs to retain trained soldiers. Increased recruiting to bring the forces up to strength and allow proper roulement

- Intelligent procurement that is cost-effective and delivers the right kit to those that need it.

this is only the start and doesn't cover my manifesto on issues such as:

Reducing Government and quasi-government jobs
Constitution and Governence
Foreign Policy

I may get round to those later.


War Hero
General -
No unelected "party" spin doctors/pr reps/ advisors to be part of any government establishment, policy unit or advisory board.
1.  Legal right to defend yourself by any means within the confines of your own property.

Yes, that includes firearms.

Home, castle and all that...

2.  Criminal Law system to be changed so that it protects the rights of the victim rather than the perpetrator...

I could go on.......and I will later......


ill take Europe

  • Get out of EU we are an island laws and other stuff ran by whithall
  • Trade with europe can stay but we shall use the whole world and get the best deals
  • We will cease to be part of any european court
  • no stats such as (The highest ............. in Europe will be used new one is (the highest ........... in the world)
  • we will cease to have european army units integreated into our brigades

  • all hospitals to have secure entrance (air lock type 2 doors) with metal detectors to stop weapons getting in
  • Fat cats will not be payed more than 100K a year
  • false callouts are to be fined at tweice the cost of calling said ambulance
  • the rich will pay for NHS

  • there will be no tax credits or benefits for workers with low incomes and families etc they will pay a lower level off tax so they keep more off their salry instead of it going to government then coming back
  • Armed forces will pay less tax as they do not use most of the things tax pays for (eg unless on leave civvy police is no needed army has hospitals) im not saying no tax buta reduced tax level
  • more tax brackets the jump between 22 and 40 is too high i recommend more levels eg 20 24 28 32 36 40
Armed forces will pay less tax as they do not use most of the things tax pays for (eg unless on leave civvy police is no needed army has hospitals) im not saying no tax buta reduced tax level

Alas, Chuzu, the military have not had hospitals of their own for some time.

However, I propose that military hospitals are reintroduced as the centres of excellence they once were.  The military should run the teaching hospitals and treat civ patients, with military having priority.


War Hero
I'll get round to a load later, but the first and foremost thing no fckung foreign manufacturers of our military kit in any way.

Let the British worker design and manufacture British army gear, and navy gear, no Fench fcuking ponces hgetting their hands on our aircraft carriers.
Reducing Government and quasi-government

- It is widely accepted that there is too much quango and quasi-government which is costing the taxpayer millions of pounds. The overall aim will be to reduce the quango numbers to the barest of minimums.

- Out will go the Youth Justice Board, Security Services Inspectorate, CABE, SRA, and many others with their functions being absorbed back into the civil service, or in the case of UKPA, privateised.

- Caps will go on local authority hirings of "outreach workers, facilitators, community liasison" and other deceptive words for people with no jobs but who draw salaries based on the politically correct industries of "equality".

- Money saved from the loss of these quangos and LA jobs will go back into essential services and tax savings.

- Government task forces will be reduced to the barest of essentials, and ministerial posts such as "Misnister for Children" should be abolished to reduce the beaurocracies created in their administration.

- Government will not intefere in the right of a parent to reasonably shastise their children for the purposes of discipline, the hiring and firing of staff, the thoughts and opinions of individuals, the right to freedom of speech and conscience. It is recognised that there are extremes of all of these which need to be legislated against, but this should be done in moderation in an unobtrusive way so as not to promote race and equality industries.


War Hero
The various "rights" charters will be reviewed and any illogical / unreasonable and plain daft ones will be removed.  Especially the childrens charter :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad: :mad:
1.  ...the reintroduction of National Service

OR (before I get lynched....)

Service in the Community.

Make fine upstanding citizens out of 'em yet I will.....

2.  Prison population to be drastically reduced - the ultra-wasters (paedo's, rapists, joyriders, drink-drivers, persistent theives/burglars, Labour politicians etc) to be given a 9mm brass fact ALL persistent offenders....don't see why we should pay for their luxury prison/dole lifestyles...
- Council housing will be for those in genuine need.  Rents will be regularly  reviewed on a means-tested basis, so that thse who initially qualified through low income but who now have 3 cars and a sat dish will pay market rent.  The money raised will go towards building more public-sector and low-cost housing.

- Regions to contribute, through taxation, towards region-specific projects with no discernible value e.g. bilingual road signs in Wales

- All education to be in English only (except, obviously language classes!)

- All public bodies to work in English only - vast amounts are spent on 'programs' for speakers of other languages, and this has spawned an industry of 'community workers' etc., and is divisive.  

- Animals to be slaughtered only by approved humane methods

- 'Health tourism' to be discouraged by requiring all visitors to show proof of adequate medical insurance.  Those failing to do so will have topay a substantial bond, or be refused entry

- Rural communities to be encouraged by grants for small traditional farmers and tradesmen; a hefty tax to be applied to city dwellers who buy country property to commute from, rendering housing unaffordable for local people

- I agree with Eagle's suggestion of high-velocity lead therapy for various types of offender.  

- Those sent to prison to work on various public projects such as building/repairing motorways, railways etc.

- De-centralisation of government departments from London
2.  Prison population to be drastically reduced - the ultra-wasters (paedo's, rapists, joyriders, drink-drivers, persistent theives/burglars, Labour politicians etc) to be given a 9mm brass fact ALL persistent offenders....don't see why we should pay for their luxury prison/dole lifestyles...

Although I know your only kidding about the 9mm injection (right??),  I sincerely believe that a new party should consider a new, mega sized prison to be built for offenders on the '3rd strike and your out' rule.  Built somewhere remote, but with a good transport link, all offenders on life tariffs should serve a MINIMUM of 15 years before a parole hearing is even considered.   2nd time offenders would then think twice about committing any further offences.

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