virtigo finally diagnosed please read to help others

finally diagnosed intresting one tho apprently it was set off by being on royal navy ship for few days to have a look at the careers (the bloody irony) apperantly when your on a ship the brain supresses the balance system because the gental rocking of the ship is a big irretant worse than spinning around on a roller coster ect and it is this supression that causes land sickness and after a few days/hours the brain stops the supression and things go back to normal well mine didnt stop bringing on 12 months of subsequent hell as all normall tests for virtigo come up negative which lead to a host of problems including the stress of it all pushing me beyond braking point and seeing some one took a specialists 10 minutes to diagnose this. cant rember the lattin name but he called it disembarkation syndrome
Just wanted to mention it in case any one else should run across something simular in the army could save a lot of problems.
link to hospital for those that may want it
No excuses there spelling and grammar has always been appalling its my biggest problem academically good at other things tho science maths ect

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