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Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Ancient_Mariner, Sep 27, 2010.

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  1. Or rather Virgin Media. As the Computer forum is gone, I'm posting this here.

    I'm changing broadband provider. I was with Virgin Media but I'm now transferring.

    Virgin run their cable into my house from the road outside. I'd like them to remove the cables as a big coax cable running up the side of DunLaunchingPolaris Cottage enhances neither its looks nor its value.

    Anybody know if they do this automatically/on demand/with a little prodding. I could do it myself but I'd imagine a load of live cable left at the side of the road would please neither Virgin nor the council nor my neighbours if I didn't reattach the line terminating impedance correctly and disconnected their internet/telly/phone.
  2. AlienFTM

    AlienFTM LE Book Reviewer

    Sorry I cannot help you, but I congratulate you on your decision to move. A couple of years ago, I started to notice that I was getting regular spam from Virgin Media offering me a deal to transfer my broadband / digital TV / telephone. I have a package from Sky which suits me fine, so one day I phoned them and politely asked if they could save themselves the cost of posting this spam, myself the effort of shredding everything with my name on it and the environment from running out of trees.

    "Yes, Mr Alien. No problem. Consider it done."

    Some three months later, another offer came through the door. I let it ride. Another three months later it fell through the letterbox again. I called and escalated my request.

    Three months later ... and I complained bitterly.

    Three months later ... and I gave the woman on the end of the phone a damn good ear-bashing. I realised that these women (they were all women) were just "doing their job", probably at a call centre remote from Branson Towers, but by now I needed to get the message across.

    Three months later I found one on the mat and found myself talking to a young Sweaty bloke. I went off on one (entirely politely, you understand: I had taken to asking them to record the message before I laid into them). Ten minutes later I swear I heard a sob. At this point I pointed out to him that I wasn't having a go at him: I knew it wasn't his fault, but by now I told him if Virgin Media were the only ISP in the world, I'd look elsewhere and that, having decided not to fly BA after decades of reports of dirty tricks, I would now be putting Virgin airlines on the same proscribed list simply for sharing name and owner. (It's a good job I haven't flown anywhere since a tactical hop in a Puma across Vogelsang Training Area in 1982, because with all the intermarriage of airlines, it's difficult to find a reputable airline with no link to either BA or Virgin.)

    Give him his due, it's now been nearly a year since I got a spam from Virgin Media addressed to me. (It doesn't stop them bombarding me with generic spam, but at least that does not have to go via the shredder before the recycling bin.)

    I do enjoy complaining by phone. My last Confidential Report before I hung up the green remarked how "Sergeant Alien does not tolerate stupidity from anyone, regardless of rank." For it was I who said "Bollix" to the Brigadier. (I must admit that while I was having the subsequent interview without coffee or biscuits, I wondered what rank I'd leave his office, but at the end he actually agreed I was right. I was just not allowed to say it. That was the start of my goodbye to green.)
  3. I can't advise you of Virgins policy of today, however when they were Telewest up here, they would sometimes re-rout your cable if an instalalion was regarded as 'shoddy'

    FWIW I find them a good inter-net provider and have had very very few problems with them. If a problem has ever occurred wether TV Phone or net they have resolved it FOC. The same can't be said for sky at £50+ call out fees after your initial 12 month has expired with them. They also have a good retentions team ;-)
  4. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Virgin wont remove the cables I'm afraid.
    I worked for NTL/VM since 98 to 06 as a service engineer & can only recall it being done once & that was while a house & garden was being refurbished.
    It's not financially viable for them as they'd have to employ a two man crew at their own expense to remove the drop cable.
  5. Virgin are crap.

    Second 'five day' outage in 2 months occurred to me fairly recently. Now ok fair enough I got a total of £40 back for the periods of the outage ( I complain well and I complain loudly) , but it annoys me that they think I should be pleased by that.

    I don't have a problem paying the bill, I don't want my money back, I just want the fecking service I asked for and am willing to pay for! How hard is it?

    Bloody cowboys, I bet they won't remove those cables for what it's worth. Tw@s.
  6. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    That's standard with all cable companies,I've ordered tons of re-pulls & re-routes over my time with VM/NTL.Mostly because the drop cable was'nt sufficient to handle the power needed to run the customers services.
    But I very much doubt they'd do what A/M want's done,especially as he's leaving them.
  7. I have had no real problems with broadband. I had a billing query and I got through to a northern gentleman at their call centre. His response to everything I said was "Refer to your terms and conditions" followed by a count of the number of times he had repeated himself.

    He has just cost his employers a lot of money.
  8. Presumably I could remove it myself. It's not buried or anything. I'd be happy to leave it coiled up for them at the side of the road. No damage to any of their kit would occur.

  9. Alas, my VM cable is gone now, grab lorry took it as I was having the garden cleared out. :D
  10. We were with Virgin but the speed dropped down from 2MB to nearly 56k dial up speed!!!
    Virgin said it was BT's fault & Bt said it was Virgin's, ditched Virgin after informing them the service was shite!
    Now with Sky & it's been the best move ever, now get upto 8MB but on average about 4MB.
    Great service, only 1 problem and that was sorted out within 24 hours.
  11. AM whilst digging over your garden,could you chop through their cable with your spade somewhere near your boundry? Then you could remove the cable from your wall. (Someone will be along to advise as to the possibility of electrical shocks/sparks.)
  12. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Nope,they still wont touch it,more likely they'd bill you for breaching the T&C's,also dont bin any of the cable boxes as they have to be returned (tv set top box,modem) & you can be billed up to £250 for each one.(The collections are done by an outsource company & aren't the quickest at collecting the kit)
    Best bet would be to inform them you're renovating the home & the cable may get damaged so can they disconnect the cable at the street cabinet,then pull the cable back to the nearest street pit so it can be re-installed later.
    Little fib...
  13. When I asked the installers, they said that my neighbours and I are served by a single coaxial cable running down the street. There's a cable pit in the pavement outside each house and a coax spur runs from the street, into my house. Presumably, there is a vampire connector in the pit to run the spur off.

    I'd be reluctant to do anything that would interfere with my neighbours' net/telly/phone. On the other hand, if I constructed a massive capacitor bank in my cellar, in the best traditions of mad scientists everywhere, trickle charged it using the power from my unused BT sockets and used it to selectively electrocute folks in the VM call centre who had upset me, who would care? Is it possible to transmit a lethal current via fibre optic?
  14. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    Were you originally NTL or TeleWest before VM?

    Over here,The Fiber only runs as far as a Mux (Phone) & DA (Distrabution Amp for TV/BBand) & from there it's copper to the street cabinet & then copper to the home.Each home's cable runs back to the street cabinet (DP)with one siamese (coax/telco) per home.The pit you're on about is called a swept tee & simply routes the cable back in the correct direction thru the street ducting to the street cabinet.The Mux/DA serves about 800 homes & the DP around 40-100 homes.
    I'm pretty sure your area works the same as I worked with an ex TeleWest installer & he was'nt able to do fibre optics.Now I know some areas have there DP's in a large footway pit instead of a street cabinet so maybe that's what the installer was referring to.