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I've never used a Virgin + Box, but surely all you need to do is connect a DVD Recorder to the TV scart socket on the V+ Box (My DVD Recorder has a SAT/CABLE in Scart Socket). Press record and play the movie. or am I being blonde?
Make sure that there is a scartlead connected from the top scart socket on the V+ to the scart input on the recorder. Then go into the V+ menu, choose option4 (I think) extra's and choose the option to record to a DVD/VCR. You'll get a list of all the programs, and you can move the ones you want to the right. Once that's done, it'll send out the programs to whichever scart input you plugged the scart lead into, so you just start the DVD recording from that one (AV1, AV2 etc).
Dull eh
Ayrforce1 said:
Cheers Fellas,

Should have said I want to transfer to DVD on Laptop as I do not have a DVD Recorder!!!!!
One way to a PC would be to open the V+ and take out the hard drive, connect it to a PC and see if the video formats are readable. This can be done to a laptop if you had a suitable external drive caddy. Probably a bad idea due to loss of warranty etc, and I expect opening the case would be detectable should you ever call out an engineer.

The safre method would be to get an external USB video capture card for the laptop and recording software.

Then make a DVD from the recording.

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