Virgin Trains - arent they great

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by Bazzinho1977, Dec 14, 2009.

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  1. Not sure if this is the right place to put this - but needed to vent. Mods, please move if so.

    Anybody think I have got any chance of a response to this?

    Dear Virgin

    I would just like to thank you for very kindly changing the times of peak trains on a Monday to mean that the 08.48 is no longer counted as off-peak.

    For many months (in fact for the last 18) I have been forced to use this service, and a return service at 18.33 on a Thursday evening. This was because it only cost me £66.40. Barring some minor changes, this has meant that my partner has been able to force me to spend time with her on both Thursday evening before bed, and also on Monday morning. How refreshing then, that you have decided to raise the cost of my ticket on these services to £245! This means that I can now give up both my Sunday evening and more of my Thursday evening travelling instead of relaxing at home.

    Please tell me - how many of your customers did you consult before deciding to completely ruin their lives with this change? Was there any opportunity for us little people to have a say in this? Or are you just such an arrogant company that you have decided it is perfectly acceptable to take millions in government subsidies, and shaft your customers whilst you take the massive profits you make and turn them into spaceships to take wealthy people into space?

    How lucky and encouraged you must feel being an absolute monopoly. I shall however be buying a car and polluting the atmosphere needlessly because you have just made it cheaper for me to do that instead. I hope that when your children are left with no choice but to live in caves and only venture out during the night because of the heat caused through global warming you look back on this little victory of yours with fond thoughts.

    I would like to wish you all rot in hell. However, you probably have so many staff you wouldn't all fit on one of your Friday evening trains.

    Yours in disgust,


    P.S. I would expect to see this letter in a number of newspapers by the end of next week should I not have had a response telling me exactly how you are going to refund me this extra £180 a week.
  2. Why wait? :twisted:
  3. Because a threat has more chance of a response than having already sent this out. They might decide that meeting my demands gets them out of it being released by me.
  4. Buy a car you public transport reliant pikey.
  5. Yeah looks like you have them on the ropes.
  6. Do you really think they will offer you your £180 per week? Even with threats of writing letters? Good luck - you'll need it!
  7. msr

    msr LE

    I thought the cut off for off-peak was 0930 anyway?
  8. Don't stop at writing letters you need to improve upon your gains, have you considered taking hostages?
  9. No. I may come across as an idiot, but I am not really. What I want is to get them to promise to sell me an advance ticket every week from the limited number - which will actually make me £6 a week better off - without me having to buy them three months in advance.
  10. Why doesn't your letter say that then? Top tip iron your letter before you post it, the dried tears will have made the paper all wrinkly.
  11. I'll save you the cost of a stamp.

    A multi million pound travel company will take your threat in the same manner a horse takes the threat of a fly to its ass and simply flick you off.

    Happy Travelling!

  12. msr

    msr LE

    So you want the price benefits of an advance ticket, without actually having to pay in advance?

  13. Set fire to Branson's beard.That'll teach him to mess with you.
    Although I fear the power of your letter will be overshadowed by the guy complaining about his in-flight meal.That got a great deal of coverage.It was on the internet an everything.
  14. Well, look at it this way. I book my tickets about two weeks in advance. Have done this for the last 18 months. I have not changes my habits at all. Not one bit. However, Virgin have changed their rules so that instead of buying an off-peak ticket (and having some flexibility) I will have to buy an advance ticket, much further in advance, as the advance tickets disappear very quickly. I will also have no flexibility at all.

    So whilst my approach has remained the same, they have changed theirs massively, safe in the knowledge that they are (as mentioned) a multi-million pound monopoly who can get away with this type of change.

    My alternative is to spend less time with my family in order to avail myself of cheap fares. So, that seems reasonable of them.
  15. Yeah, funny that.