Virgin School - 15th May 2007

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by wait_out_131, May 15, 2007.

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  1. Anyone else catch this comedy?

    Was convinced it was a wind up to start up.

  2. what a dancer lmfao
  3. I almost wet myself with laughter - what was with his leg when she was w*nking him off?
  4. The leg thang was ver amusing...

    Still, there but for the grace of... well, Debbie in my case... etc., etc.
  5. Wasn't sure if I should be laughing or cringing... I was being politically correct and keeping my foul gob shut when my dear laydee wife turned to me with a look of horror and commented that "they're training him to shag his mum!".
  6. We pissed ourselves in our house when he took off his boxers ( the very ones he'd been out and bought with his Nan before he went) to reveal his alert 5 Grandad styleeeeeeeeee white/grey massive Y fronts.
    Must have mis-interpretted the meaning of a double bagger
  7. Snap, laughed my arrse off when he got his fires hand shandy. Brilliant. 26 years of age and still a paper boy no wonder he can't get a shag.
    On top of that he really delivers them,when I used to deliver the free paper I used to throw them all straight in the bin!
  8. Deleted for double posting.
  9. Barsteward, I had successfully erased that vision from my memory!

    As for the leg thing, it reminded me of the dog when he was getting his belly scratched. Didn't note the chap in question humping anyone's leg or pishing up a lamp-post but that may account for his lack of pulling power.
  10. let me remind one and all of that
  11. I thought the best bit was him mum basically egging him on to get laid :D

    A few points though....

    1. that 4 month course :? must have cost him a bloody fortune. he could have just nipped round the corner and, fifteen minutes later, be 50 euros and a batch lighter... so i've heard. How the hell does a paper boy manage to save up that much cash?

    2. the bird who was trying to rip his little head off sounded like Stephen Hawking
  12. I had the pleasure of hearing about this while on the phone. The Y-Front/Boxers combo made me cringe just hearing about it, though the 'sexy dancing' description did make me giggle.
  13. Gremlin

    Gremlin LE Good Egg (charities)

    Erm, why do you think he was doing it on TV then????

    Absolutely hilarious programming, combining mummy sex with how to get the mongs off!!

    As for the underpants, I would suspect that he has some form of OCD or touch phobia, but even so, didn't they think of telling him during the Trinity & Susanna session????

    Just a reminder from the link above :twisted:



  14. Obviously, the TV production compnay paid for him to go on the course- as long as they could film it. Ethical questions there, considering his mongness.
  15. Fek yes.....I'd forgotten about the so called sexy dance - I was uncontrollable by this stage.....and as for training to sh*g his mother - strewth, holy mother of B'jesus! you'd have thought they would have gotten a decent looking whore for the poor lad....I bet he'd paid a fortune to pop his cherry with some old boot!