Virgin Radio take the P*ss out of the Last Post

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Hootch, May 9, 2008.

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  1. Whilstt communting this morning and channel surfing, I heard some mong on Virgin Radio doing a p*ss take using the Last Post as background music.

    I believe the mong is called Christian O 'Connell

    Anyone else hear it?

    I found it offensive and in light of recent events totally inappropriate - thoughts?
  2. Are you serious?
  3. Biped

    Biped LE Book Reviewer

    I've sent him a brief email regarding this, fairly blunt though polite.

    Utter cnut!
  4. Why?
  5. I think it was in relation to the death of Amy Winehouses's career - hence the Last Post.

    I know it sounds a bit trivial but people laughing and joking whilst the Last Post is being played just doesn't seem right. That it is some mong announcer on Virgin radio seemed to make it worse. Play "funeral music" sure but for me it just sounded all wrong.
  6. I have just read on another thread that 2 missing WW2 RAF aircrew were finally laid to rest 66 years after being shot down in the Netherlands. They received a full military funeral including the Last Post and a fly past by Dutch aircraft. They died 66 years ago so that we might live in a free and democratic society. A society where we have freedom of speech and one where our way of life might be preserved. That's why the Pythons were able to mock the military on a regular basis and Blackadder could take a light hearted angle on WW1 (including firing squads and going over the top). I'm surprised that the playing of the last post in a humourous context could cause such anger?

  7. Personally, I think sometimes people need to stop being so sensitive to all things with a connection to the military.
    Its getting a bit dull. The tommy is a master of taking the pish out of things, regardless of what it is.
    Wish I'd heard the thing now, it sounds quite funny.
  8. The Last Post has not always been associated with funerals. It was originally used to signify the end of the military day. It has been assosiated with funerals again to signify the end of something. I would imagine the said radio station were taking the piss and were using it to illustrate the Miss Winehouse's career is coming to an end. I fail to see what is wrong with using such an appropriate piece of music.
  9. lets hope she shoots up too much and does the decent thing and dies.hopefully thats the last i,ll hear about the stupid fcuking minger. :x
  10. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    Snore. This is almost as interesting as those who get upset about the wearing of medals in TV shows and films, etc. FFS, get a life.
  11. No problems with using the last post in this context, if they played it at her no doubt forthcoming funeral, then that would be offensive.

    We cannot ply our own sick and sordid humour in the NAAFI bar then complain if we feel we are on the receiving end can we?

    The best thing to do is respond in kind and then some.
  12. Well I think it's disgusting! We should be honouring the war dead and not using such a song on that joke of a human Amy Wino!!

    Oooooh I'm mad! :x
  13. Thanks , perhaps I need to test and adjust my sense of humour this morning.
  14. The best way to honour the war dead is to uphold the freedoms they died to defend, that includes the freedom to be offensive.
  15. It's this kind of sensitive reaction that axed one of the best comedies ever produced by the Beeb. Called (from dusty memory) "Over sexed, Over paid and Over Here."

    It had some fantastic Septic bashing lines, but a few moaning got it axed.

    We are British FFS. :party: