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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by bullet_catcher, Apr 23, 2010.

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  1. has served me tolerably well over the years, but is having one of its 'little moments' since about 10pm on Wednesday. I am currently unable to send emails from Outlook Express via, and I know another user who has the same problem :evil: Incoming emails are arriving as normal. I cannot find a forum that indicates that the problem is more general, but reporting big faults might be seen as being bad for business. Emails can still be sent from the Virgin Media website.

    Initially I thought it was a conflict with new browsers I was trying out via the new Browser Choice option (none of them are as good as IE, but they should at least be tried out). I have now uninstalled these and it has made no difference.
  2. Have you considered calling Virgin tech support?
  3. I'm with blueyonder which is the same as virgin and I have no problems. Are you able to log onto the Virgin site and see if there is any maintainance being carried out in your area?
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  4. Thank you for the replies. I am reluctant to call support in case it costs me money. I have had a look at the Virgin support pages. The last time this happened I am sure there was an independent website for virgin users with email problems, but I cannot find it now. Every few months Virgin Mail goes down for a few days and then comes back again with no explanation. I suspect other email providers are the same. If it is still ongoing on Monday I may phone their helpline, but I'll check the pennies first.
  5. Well since my previous post, mines gone down as well. I'm in West London near Heathrow. Are you in that location or elsewhere?
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  6. I am in Edinburgh, as is the other user. Don't know anyone else on Fingers crossed it won't be down for too long.
  7. I've got a 'virgin,net' email account and it's working fine. Just checked it by sending an email to my hotmail address.
  8. Thanks. Normally when my friend and I have suffered the same email problems they have turned out affect most or all users. It's probably just us this time. Lucky white heather anyone?
  9. Phone tech support, if there is a problem that they are aware of then there is usually a automated verification.
  10. Do the obvious first.

    Remove your settings in OE.
    Close it.
    Reapply settings and try again.

    Out of curiousity have you checked your security logs? I find that my security stuff sometimes has a wobbly with my email account but is ok after several minuties so long as I don't force a send/receive.
  11. On a virginmedia account and connecting via mozila thunderbird, not really had any problems to speak of.
  12. Not sure if this will help, but I received this email yesterday. I have an old account, so not sure whether it applies to other Virgin Media accounts. The email has some links for support which might help. Anyway, here goes:


    At Virgin Media, we're always looking for ways to give you the best you can get from your broadband connection. Among other things, that means keeping you in the loop with our brand new Virgin Media Mail.

    Virgin Media Mail is a new upgrade to your existing email account, provided by Google, so it comes packed with great extras that we know you're going to love. We'll move your current email account over the next few weeks, and then send you a welcome email to tell you when it's all done.

    Your existing email address will still work, and we're not planning to change it. We'll also make sure that your emails and messages stay safe and sound, and are transferred over to your new account. However, for security reasons, certain file formats are not allowed as attachments in our new mail service, as they are very often used to distribute viruses or other malicious software. You should back up your attachments as they may not be moved to the new service. Common attachments such as pictures and Word documents will be moved, but executable files (such as files ending in '.exe') will not be moved. You can find more detailed information on our help site.

    *Check your Virgin Media Mail anywhere*

    One of the best things about using Virgin Media Mail through is that you can stay in the loop, no matter where you are. You can get to your emails on any computer that's connected to the internet, even internet-enabled mobile phones, without installing or configuring anything. We call this webmail.

    If you're planning to access your emails on more than one device you will need to change your settings to switch on recent mode. Have a look at for some helpful advice.

    *Virgin Media Mail and email programs*

    If you use Outlook Express or other email programs to access your emails, you'll need to make a few quick changes before you start using your new Virgin Media Mail account and to make sure there are no interruptions to your email service. We've created a software program to help you get it all sorted. And don't worry, your emails, messages and contacts won't be affected. Run the automated setup tool at

    *Virgin Media Mail Help and Support*

    If you need help setting up or using Virgin Media Mail, try our comprehensive online support section -
    If you can't find what you need there, you can also get advice from other customers in our our online Help & Support Forum -

    Happy surfing!

    Mark Davidson

    Executive Director, Customer Care

    Virgin Media
  13. You could try another client OE is out of support ?

    support for Outlook Express and Windows Mail will be discontinued in favor of Windows Live Mail.

  14. b_c Logon to - enter your email username and password to access your email inbox via webmail - may be full of crud - delete as necessary.
    OE often throws wobblers and sometimes requires accounts to be deleted - then after shutdown / startup
    recreate the account. Send a testmail to yourself using webmail then OE - that will prove which bit of the system works. Hope this helps.
  15. msr

    msr LE

    How many emails do you have in your Sent box?