Virgin Money Giving

As I'm doing London this year I though I'd go all hi-tech and do the online donation stuff and was going to do it via Virgin Money as they sent me a promotional thing about it until I read this little gem:

3. Virgin Money Giving fees and payment process
You are not charged for using Virgin Money Giving services. All payments are to be made by payment card. Please note that we do not accept payment by cash or cheques.

All charities pay a one off £100 fee to register with Virgin Money Giving and a 2% administration charge on all donations (excluding the Gift Aid element) and event fee payments to enable Virgin Money Giving to covers its costs. Virgin Money Giving does not charge an administration fee for the collection of Gift Aid on behalf of the charities.

Is that the norm? Anyone used it or is Just Giving a better site to use? I thought that they'd just take a %age of the donation.
I know they have to make a bit of money but charging a ton to register I reckon is taking the proverbial.
i'm using Bmycharity, run by an ex bootie, drop him a line he's very open about how they work!

"How we offer a free service

We don't charge commission fees to charities, but we do need to generate income to continue to provide our services to charities and to fundraisers. We do this by offering discreet sponsorship and advertising opportunities to carefully selected companies who support our vision of making fundraising free. So if you're invited to register for a credit card (for example) when you've made your donation please consider it! We don't share your personal data with any sponsor or advertiser."
Turns out SSAFA already have an account with Virgin for this so I haven't got to pay for it. Few quid saved I suppose.

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