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Discussion in 'Gaming and Software' started by Beans_Boots_n_Brows, May 26, 2010.

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  1. Heard somewhere that you can get virgin media TV and Internet without having a phone line, therefore removing the cost of line rental. Ive seen a few posts on here but none seem to offer any answers and i know a few people on here work for them. Answers greatly appreciated
  2. yes its called cable tv :D
  3. I've got the whole shebang with Virgin media. Internet, TV, phone & Mobile, and it's bloody convinient.

    Check here (RHS) to see if it's in your area.
  4. Yep, if you've got cable in your area, its a great package (as long as you don't want Sky Sport)
  5. Hi,
    Virgin cable is good, but whatever you do do not go on their "national broadband" service , basically broadband down your phone line. It is shite infact beyond shite that whole side of the business is in bits.


  6. Virgin will run a coax cable into your house and connect a broadband wireless router, phone and TV to it. You can get up to 50 meg broadband depending on where you live.

    I didn't bother with the telly - it's apparently not as good as Sky and Jacqui Smith's husband will be wanting to pop round to watch the porn channel.

    I use a mobile for nearly all outgoing calls and I gave BT the heave ho when I started getting bills for over 100 quid while typically making less than five pounds worth of outgoing calls a quarter.

    I was going to take the phone service from Virgin but it wasn't much cheaper than BT. Instead I bought a Siemens Gigaset cordless phone, plugged it into the router and signed up with an internet phone company called Sipgate.

    Sipgate give you an ordinary phone number so people can call you as if you are on BT - you can even keep your BT number if you want. Calls are a penny a minute at all times and you pay as you go - top up your account with a credit card.

    There's no line rental, late payment charges, charges for voice mail, charges for call diversion, charges for not having a direct debit or any of the other charges BT choose to add on. Calls to other Internet phone users are free at all times. Unless you use the phone a lot at peak times, you'll be quids in. My Gigaset phone paid for itself in a matter of weeks.

    BT are doomed.
  7. Thanks for the replies, with regards to BT quarterly payments thats the reason im looking to get out. Im with AOL and have my phone service with them and get free calls all the time but line rentals with BT and they are raping me massively, the last bill i got was £68.32. Will definately look into the gigaset and sipgate option seems to be the best option anywhere at the moment.
  8. I've got Virgin home phone, 10MB broadband and the XL (largest) TV package without films or Sky Sports for around £45 a month. Getting HD for no extra monthly cost plumbed in as opposed to £10 a month with Sky. Been with them since they took over NTL and have had no problems.
  9. Thanks also for posts. Just moved in to a place and BT want £140 to re-connect the phone line. It is already plumbed for cable though, so even 6 months of their basic package will cost less than getting re-connected, let alone line rental which over the year is probably the same.

    What planet are BT on??!
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    Same as above for me, but i opted to have my old box moved into my bedroom so that I get the choice of channels in there as well. It will cost, £5 more a month to do this. Better than free view anyway.

    Virgin to Virgin calls are free after 1800 and at weekends (providing the call only last for 59 min and 59 sec).
    We pay a couple a quid each month to have cheaper international calling, the sister-in-law is in Fally. We also have caller ID, as with BT this costs a little bit as well.

    For the whole lot with added on extras, we pay no more than £60 a month.
  11. Did this Mates Rates thing through Brettarider. It did only cost £33.50 and it is excellent.
  12. After 18 months of utter shite service from talktalk, I'm now out of contract and looking at virgin for phone and broadband. All seems pretty positive about Virgin on here and Fibre Optic now down my street. So I think I'll give them a bell.