Virgin media TV anywhere now launched

Just been launched if anyone is on VM cut and paste from our home page yesterday might be good if your stuck stagging on etc,

Virgin TV Anywhere. Long awaited, but definitely worth it! This means all our TV customers are now able to access TV through the web – and if they have our Virgin Media: TiVo® Service, they can download a new app which lets them do even more.

These great new developments will give our customers even greater control of their TV viewing and planning, as well as flexibility to enjoy their favourite TV content on computers, laptops, tablets and smartphones. Oh and the best bit? It’s available at no extra cost.

The service comes with the ability to stream live TV, with up to 45 channels to choose from at launch, depending on a customer’s TV package and also dependent on the way they access this service (some channels are only available to view via the online service at launch). Our line-up includes a wide range of popular channels covering entertainment, kids, sport, news and factual, music and movies, and includes access to premium channels such as Sky Sports or Sky Movies - exclusively for customers who already subscribe to these channels.

We will be adding further channels to the line-up in due course, click herefor what is available now.

Customers will be able to access Virgin TV Anywhere through the web or through a mobile and tablet app if they have TiVo. The online service is available to all Virgin TV customers, with extra features for TiVo users to manage their boxes through a range of exclusive tools such as remote record and managing ‘My Shows’. The mobile and tablet app, initially available on iPad, iPhone and iPod (with Android devices coming early next year), offers the ability to fully manage TiVo boxes, including scheduling recordings and deleting shows. The app also allows customers to rate shows with TiVo’s trademark Thumbs Up/Down, view their suggested shows, and also acts as a touch/gesture-based remote control when at home.

How do customers get started?
Two easy ways;

1. A dedicated Virgin TV Anywhere app is available through the App store for our TiVo customers who have an Apple device in the form of an iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.
2. All our Virgin TV customers can use Virgin TV Anywhere service through our website.
n.b. Both routes require customers to have their My Virgin Media account details handy, which can be set up easily at
Click here to learn more about the Virgin TV Anywhere service within our Discover Zone.


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