Virgin Media Rip-Off

I'm not sure if this has appeared before and I'm too lazy to look :)

I have just had to cancel my Virgin Media contract due to moving my house for service reasons. Due to the fact I had not served the 12 Month contract I was informed I would be charged a total of £184 to cancel!

I stated I was not cancelling to move to another company, I am serving and postes abroad, hence the reason I could not Trx the contract to another address. The guy checked with the cancellation team to see if I had a case, however, they said there was no special circumstances for HM forces and I would have to pay the fee.

Winds me up!! I suppose the answer will be disturbance allowance covers that, does it....does it really.... :x

Pse all be aware that if you cannot guarentee using Virgin Media for 12 Months (not many of us can!) than stick to Sky!
Sky did exactly the same thing to me.

I agree though Virgin are c*nts, used to be a million times better when it was Telly west. I let Mrs NigG do all the set up when we moved to the new place and naturally she chose the all signing all dancing package at about £100 per month. I tried downgrading recently - F*cking nightmare!!

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