Virgin Media loses some BskyB Coverage

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Cow, Mar 1, 2007.

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  1. Cow

    Cow LE

    BBC News

    Looks like there's going to be lots of phone calls to Virgin today. Big discounts or contracts being ended? Should be interesting to see Virgins response, will they go and out-bid Sky on some of the most popular programs?
  2. Fcuk. Is there actually any point in staying subscribed to them now?

    Better start downloading Battlestar Galactica then...
  3. I knew this would happen when I heard Bransons Brigade were taking over telewest.
    Methinks Ill be cancelling my contract and going to sky.
    Cheaper and more channels, bit of a no brainer really......
  4. Dear Richard,
    Don't feel aggrieved about losing the Sky channels. Look on it as divine intervention - a reprieve for the British public from the worst of US drivel.

    While I'll admit some sadness about the loss of The Simpsons, the rest I can quite happily live without.

    Obviously, I'll be expecting my package to be modified to acknowledge the loss of the Sky channels - either free-to-air porn or a discount, your choice.

    If you'd like an audience grabbing idea, then I may be able to help. You could transmit two programmes on the same channel, a different pair of special glasses being needed to view each one. So while the wife and kids are watching Catherine Cookson, I could be watching a porn channel or a Discovery channel. It would also do wonders to reintroduce family life and values. You never know, it could end up with you getting a bar to your knighthood.

    Anyway, enough for now. If you need any other help, don't hesitate to call.

  5. Changed days from when it was Telewest this used to happen when certain channels broadcast contract was up for renewal such as sport etc. As they own UK living Tv and the flextec channels like bravo etc they would just threaten to pull the plug on them being broadcast over Sky. Remember things between them are just starting and expect plenty more of this. But seeing whats in the pipeline from Virgin over the next few years will have a considerable edge over Sky. SKy can't offer as a company on their own broadband services with out BT were as Virgin have their own network it wasn't too long ago that some other Telco's were demanding that they should be allowed access to the exchanges like the local loop unbundling of BT but were told to do one as BT's network was build before privatization and had public funds in it
  6. Hope this helps a bit.
  7. Well, that means there a few less channels to scroll through. I won't be losing any sleep over this, but i hope there is a reduction in fees to reflect it.

    I think that when you have the whole package of TV, phone and broadband, it is one of the best suppliers, the broadband is one fo the best i have worked with.

    Its about time someone stood up to sky! Crack on!

  8. Remember Sky doesn't have a reverse path they can only broadcast and have to rely on BT. Once the analogue signal is switched off on the Cable TV network either this year or next then it will free up a phenomenal amount of bandwidth (1/2 the network) for other stuff such as TV/movies on demand faster internet access(100meg) modems being tried in the offices.

    Once this starts to roll out then I think the only way Sky will be able to compete is either buy or go into a partnership with the likes of the Carphone warehouse who own talk talk and have a business arm (opal telcoms) who have their own network however large parts of it are carried across the Virgin network and building your own network has massive massive costs involved I've been privy to the schedule of rates for the past few years for build and commission you'd have a heart attack if you seen it!
  9. Help !

    I am currently with Telewest and therefore presumably have lost all the interesting Sky Channels i.e. Sport 1,2 and 3 etc etc. can I still retain my contract with Telewest for telephone and Broadband services and obtain the lost channels by another route. Exscuse my ignorance on this one.
  10. i doubt it, as all other routes require you to have a BT line, and NTL/Telewest run their own phone line.

    So you would nned to set up BT line, hence if you do that you may aswell change altogether.

    I'm with NTL and they have fcuked up my entire broadband, phone and TV - been on phone trying to get through since 9am! Nobs.
  11. Right or wrong, two things really p1ssed me off about the way VM went about this:

    1. Beardy deciding I wouldn't want to pay what Sky was after without fr*ggin' well asking me. Whatever happened to customer choice?

    2. Finding out I was going to lose Sky 1 mid-series of Battlestar Galactica on BBC News last night. Where was the warning or consultation, you buck-toothed buffoon?

    I'm sure as hell not going to sign up to Sky - if I wanted to be anally raped once a month I'd go to Arbroath dressed like a sailor - but without the Sky channels I'm only interested in the Freeview ones. I'd be cheaper moving to BT and they'd give me free wireless as well.
  12. yes you can, tell virgin you dont want the tv, but retain the phone and broadband. then get sky.
  13. Good one Smartascarrots. Perhaps the Gingaminga should take to his Balloon more often, preferably over an atom bomb testing range.
  14. Nope not at all, I rang them to have a winge & asked the same & was informed that VM plans to invest the money in future programming!!!!!

    My answer was to cancel my contract as of end of March & off to Comets tomorrow to buy Sky HD
  15. Its only Sky 1 and 2, Sky News and Sky Sports news, the last 2 are free on freeview

    Sky Sports and Movies is safe, you pay for them

    Nobody has a package for Sky One, its wrapped up as free in the base package, like Bloomberg, anyone go crying to Virgin if they lost that ? I was gutted when Live TV with its Topless Darts went, but not enough to ask for a rebate in my subscription

    I'm no fan of the Ginger minger and not a viginophile but I have followed this fopr a couple of weeks when it first broke and I'm in Bransons camp, this is a cynical attempt by Sky to push Virgin out the market, but its failed before it started, TV advertisers are pulling out already due to the loss of some 3.5 million (est) viewers across cable.

    I'm pissed off at losing Sky One, I'm a huge Lost fan but then again I was pissed off with Sky getting it in the first place as they have a habit of fcuking with start times and under advertising shows, I loved the first series of BG but lost the plot on the second as I never knew what channel and time it was on.

    There wasa notification albeit limited from both sides of the camp and Skys came across as arrogant and petty