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Just had an engineer around from virgin to install my Internet. Turns out that my street isn't cabled even though I was told it is and they now have to run a cable up my street through the ducts and into my property. The new date I've been given is the 17th and I can't do those dates as I'm away. Is there a way I can get it moved forward sooner. Already asked on the phone but they've brick walled me. Any guys have the same experience or work for VM and know how to get around this?


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They turned up at my door and told me that they'd have to dig up the path (original tiles over 100 years old) so I told them to go away. Phoned Virgin and cancelled the order. I had the sales bloke and an installation van back about 3 hours later whilst he told them not to be so bloody stupid.

try telling them to forget it and you'll get BT.
We had a similar experience with them last year when I moved.

We told them the address, that it was a full pathway thru the lawn to an installtion. On the day they were booked, they called and said that there was no way they could do the install as it's a two-man job and only one was assignesd to the task. "That's not my problem! You were correctly informed" says I. They just said sorry and booked us in on the next available slot, a full two weeks away.

So I've just moved house, I've a shitload of admin to do (mostly online) and three young kids to entertain, and explained that I have no telephone, no internet and no TV. I couldn't get it through their heads that it was their ****-up and I wanted an installation sooner. Oh how I laughed when I was virtually told to piss-off and wait two weeks.

As much as I enjoy the service VM offer, their customer services are absolutely shite.

Good luck!
What i would suggest is getting hold of the boss Neil Burkett's e mail and sending one off to him it worked for me. They made a balls up of leaving cabling all over the place when i got installed and when they came to fix a problem they made a balls up again of leaving cabling all over the garden.

I sent pictures to him and within an hour had a call back from the "Executive Suite" and the job was sorted a couple of days later.

Having been with them for two years i have had six months free service from them !

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