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Discussion in 'Hardware - PCs, Consoles, Gadgets' started by Dr_Evil, Jul 29, 2013.

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  1. Gennulmen,

    We have a problem. Here are the scores on the doors from my supposedly 120Mbps "fibre optic" broadband connection with Virgin Media:


    I was getting 120Mbps until recently.

    Going via Virgin tech support means they try to sell you a support package for about £40 per enquiry before, if you reject their kind offer, sending you off to deal with an Indian reading a script (and not a very good script).

    Thoughts, o wise ones?
  2. I can't stream a youtube video, even on low quality, without it having to stop and buffer. Nor can I rely on having a connection. UK Internet sucks and is shown up by even the easty beasties service

  3. I can only dream of 7mbs! In reality I get about half that with sky and talk talk was lucky if I got 2mbs.

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  4. I'm on (upto)100mb with them. It's more like a steady 40.
    The kids find you tube buffers a lot in general. whilst you tube is buffering for them i can be d/l from servers that Set to give me 10mb and they pretty much always do.

    It's not great but no one can offer me more right now.
  5. Phone them up. Tell them that as you're only getting 7meg, there's no point in paying for "up to" 120 meg.

    Tell them you might as well downgrade to "up to" 20 meg and get your 7 meg for half the cost.

    They'll have a technician in your house within hours.
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    DTG - 292336
    C/S - Dr Evil
    Event - Porndr down due to network issues.

    Possible sharks with frickin' lasers inbound.
  7. Did someone mention sharks??
  8. what ancient mariner said - i had a similar problem and an engineer was called, the guy who came asked what we were paying for, i told him up to 120meg, "no point mate, can't get faster than about 18 in this road" tbf to Vrigin when this was pointed out i was rebated the previous 6 months difference and offered 3 months on up to 20 foc.
  9. It's more likely to be proportionally slower owing to the way that contention is handled
  10. Yes, but no one said "nig" 3 times, so you're out and about without permission
  11. I'm dissapointed, I missread the title and was looking for pics of a virgins gash.

    On a more serious note. Check the maximum speed your server can give( are you using a BT land line?)
    Then run a speed check to see what you are actally getting.
    If the two are nowhere near each other, you may have a problem with your connections. Do the obvious checks at your end before calling anyone out.
    I had a similar problem with Sky a few years ago and after several call outs and endless phone calls, the problem was solved by a BT engineer noticing that my phone line from the telegraph pole to my house was old and had a small crack in the insulation, causing an intermittent fault to my house. Apparantly when this happens BT automatically drop your internet speed in order to preserve your phone connection.
  12. The maximum the "server" in the exchange is putting out has nothing to do with the speed you are going to get at your socket. This comes down to the distance from the exchange to your house, the quality of the line and what line plant is in the ground.

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  13. 1. Do you pay for the 120mb service? .
    2. If you do then ask for a line check and failing that get your nearest cable junction box looked at, might be water damage etc.

    Run the isp speed test from more than just one node. Mine avgs from 65 to 120mb regardless of time of day.

    Might be anything from your cable modem to the socket in the wall. Oh yeah look at your cable from your wall to make sure it aint damaged.

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  14. OldSnowy

    OldSnowy LE Moderator Book Reviewer

    I hate to say this, but I switched to BT Infinity a couple of months ago, and the improvement (over ISDN) is staggering. I'd still prefer Cable, but the Virgin cable box is across the road from my house, and they won't connect me up. Their loss, although their constant leaflet drops (You, yes YOU could get faster service now!!! - that sort of shit) is annoying.

    Anyway, see if you are near a BTInfinity box, and if so, do the change. BT's customer service is complete gash, and their 'engineers' are half-trained chimps with the technical skills of an orangutan (but without the nice fur) but as long as it works, it's fine. I was getting 5Mb from ISDN, and am now getting 50Mb+ , even when the Missus is watching loads of crap on the iPlayer, the biy is downloading 'educational videos' and the daughter is on Skype. It's the next best thing to real fibreoptic cable.
  15. ISDN or xDSL? Your average domestic ISDN is 64k, or 128 on a shotgunned line