Virgin Mary Crisps Anyone?

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by Herrumph, Feb 3, 2013.

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  1. BBC Report that Pret have had to remove a brand of crisps they named "Virgin Mary" after the cocktail of the same name. Church groups complained.

    BBC News - Pret withdraws 'Virgin Mary' crisps

    Just goes to prove that Christians can be just as petty and stupid as any other religion.
  2. The petty and stupid are the marketing mongs who think its real cool to piss off and disrespect people.
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  3. Have said Christians rioted in the streets over it or issued death threats? Thought not.
  4. I shall boycott Pret in outrage, not that I've ever bought anything from their fake Phrogg named, pretentious and overpriced sandwich shops.
  5. It is believed to be so offensive that St Peter's church in Shrewsbury have postponed their tea and cake morning until next Wednesday, and Dorothy Green from Margate has written in to Points Of View.

    When will the madness end?
  6. Providing they taste better than the wafer thin slice of stale bread and the sip of rancid wine served up by the paedophile in a dress this morning for breakfast we will have them. Needless to say we walked out without paying - remind us not to use that café again.
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  7. Our British news is getting shitter each day. Can someone make a Mohammed burger?