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I'm soon to be relocation with work down to my parent's house for a variety of reasons but am setting up a second, separate internet connection to be subsidised by work.
I tried to go through PlusNet as the connection will mainly be used for gaming (I hardly work, you see) but although i searched for it on the website i couldn't see them having a problem with using NTL/Virgin cabling to a house, but apparently PlusNet only works over BT cabling.

Rather than pay th £130 connection charge to BT, i am going to ask my Father to disconnect his secondary (Unused) NTL line in the house so i can go to Virgin and ask for a line/broadband package.

I'm asking if anyone has experience with the Virgin Fibre Optic service as it is available in the area and seems pretty shiny, and i can get it at a reduced cost if i get the telephone line at the same time.

Any thoughts?
A bunch of us quite young (if only) types have been running a Moh server now for quite a while. Virgin offers a number of packages and they get progressively more expensive . So:
1] They work.
2] They work better if you pay more and can cost up to £50 per month. I am on the cheapest which seems to work fine.

1] They overload their lines. As a result of this, you can sometimes get transmission times up to 100milli seconds. However, the average time hovers around 17ms.

1] When you ring them to complain about slow transmission speeds, they switch you to a different line without question and offer fast and efficient solutions.

Hope this helps. I would suggest you get other opinions before proceeding as I have never used anything else so cannot compare with other providers.
I worked for NTL (Vm).
It's ony fibre Optic as far as the MUX,From there it's copper to the DA/DP or E street cabinets.The DA is next to the Mux & then the DP is amplified where the smaller E cabs arent.
Cable BBand works over the Cable TV line NOT the phone line as the Mux kit isnt capable of supporting ADSL BBand.
If you aready have Cable TV it's simply a matter of running a Co-AX RG59 or RG6 cable to where you want the PC & tweaking the Signals & Return Path at the cab.If the levels are too low at the PC,then a HDU amp is fitted.
PM me if you need advice,
If you get virgin leave it for a week or 2 then hound them even if your happy with it threaten them with anything and to keep you quiet they WILL up you to 20mb free may be just for a few months or a yr

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