Virgin Atlantic Rip-Off

Discussion in 'Forces Discounts' started by Big Bad Lad, Aug 21, 2011.

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  1. Phoned the Virgin HM Forces Discount flight desk to ask how much for a return ticket to Florida - 'we can do that for £930'. Having checked on the Virgin website, it would have normally cost me £490!!

    After pointing out the disparity, the operator told me that the price reflected that the itenerary could be changed without the standard charges! He laso mentioned that he had not taken such a booking for a very long time!

    Virgin Atlantic - rip off!!
  2. Great airline. I always fly Virgin Atlantic when I go to the US or Australia.
  3. What's the number... Hoping if I'm early enough I can get a decent deal.
  4. Try Trailfinders i'd not use anyone else. All of these services offerring discounts tend to be a rip off.
  5. Skyscanner is the way forwards for flights.

    My friend has just qualled as a Virgin stewie and has offered me some excellent discounts come Nov when her probation finishes.

    That's the way to do it....
  6. Concur. Never had a bad flight with them, and the minge is always much better.
  7. the guru, does she fit the usual female Virgin Atlantic stewie 'profile'? If yes, any photos?
  8. Hell yes. She's blonde, VERY well upholstered and an absolutely lovely person. I've whiled many a happy hour away perving at her pics on Facebook.

    No pics on here though, I value my potential discount. :)
  9. Qatar are the best I've seen lately for gorgeous cabin crew of both sexes.
  10. I have to say I do like Emirates....they have some top totty....and good flights too.
  11. Worse has to be BA and the nasty creaking trolley grannies. They have to be nasty to everyone, they were beautiful in the 70's, now they've legs like sacks of sprouts.
    I don't want to pay to look at these ugly nasty people. BA 'service with a grunt'
  12. Free toffos?
  13. Have you priced swimming?
  14. Absolutely,

    I recently flew BA HKG-LHR-HKG and the staff (who were all my age and I'm mid-50's) treated the passengers as though they were a massive inconvenience.
  15. Passengers? You mean self-loading freight. BA ' We ****ing despise passengers but love our perks'