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Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Kromeriz, Oct 27, 2012.

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  1. Pigeons, Cat. amongst

    Virgin Trains lining up bid for East Coast rail line - Telegraph

    East Coast franchise will allow Virgin to take the DoT to the cleaners if the Dept continue with their institutional hatred of Virgin. Wikileaks would be appropriate now to disclose said docs if they could because it would seriously embarrass the government.

    Meanwhile, I feel that Virgin are in a strong to position to win both franchises and frankly would love a renewed Intercity Franchise to come back to the UK

    Just need Great Western and Cross Country and full set. Should they be given a 20 year term similar to Chiltern.
  2. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Would Virgin invest its income in the operational infrastructure as Chilterns did. I seem to recall figures for Chilterns investment being huge and all the work was completed on target and within costs unlike the Virgin penalised WCRM!
  3. Virgin trains are utterly shit and Branson as ever seems to be able to rise above it all and make the politicians eat from his hand. This gives the man with the stupid fixed grin an opportunity to to spread his is malodourus and unreliable services all over the country. Maybe BR wasn't that bad after all.
  4. Chiltern feels like a railway should as well staff are friendly, trains run on time and the pricing can be understood without a masters in theoretical maths.
    If I'm off to Lon-don I have a choice of virgin train a mile away or chiltern 20 miles away. Chiltern every time.
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  5. Everything after this threads title has been a let down to be honest. I suppose it's my own fault for getting my hopes up.
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  6. This is totally not what I expected when I read that thread title.

    ^damn skintboymike beat me to it
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  7. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Damn right BR was good, the only problem was political interferrence and the rules over investment
  8. I was something the other day, Dispatches I think, and it was saying how the East Coast line is effectively BR in new skin, and quite efficient it is too apparently. I haven't been on a train in the UK for years though, so couldn't possibly say.

    I do remember there being a fuss over here a few years ago with the trains and the government of the day wanting some kind of privatisation and the rail unions went absolutely mad and pointed out how this had been done in the UK and what a ****ing joke the whole system had turned into
  9. So it became state owned and a meal became free in first class, makes a difference I would have thought the govt would want to keep all the fare price.
    It's very expensive but why franchise it out when it's not been viable before?

  10. Like the Curate's Egg, BR were good in parts, most notably notable BR Research, but other parts were dire, especially at the service delivery point with the passenger and in a lot of instances had difficulty organising a piss up in a brewery.

    But I do agree with the Political Interferrence comment, especially the decision to Nationalise them in the post-war aftermath.
  11. I was being naughty when I thought of the thread title mind...
  12. ECML lost the plot when they got rid of the Deltics.
  13. I travel from Birmingham and would rather use Chiltern even though they are up to an hour slower. I travelled Friday and paid £108 less than I would have done with Virgin (standard class) and I'm going again tomorrow and paying £63 less than I would with Virgin (also standard class). I'll just set off earlier but I will enjoy it so much more.

    Also Marylebone Station is so much nicer to use than Euston.
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  14. How can anyone possibly enjoy spending an unnecessary hour on a train, any train. Are you retired? I regularly travel from Lichfield to Euston and I'll be honest it is a bloody nightmare, a coach on rails with no suspension, no work done even in first class - if you can call that broom cupboard London Midland call a first class compartment! I've taken to getting the train from Tamworth to Rugby so I can then get a Virgin Pendolino to Euston, I still get in an hour earlier and get a decent amount of work done on the journey, yes it is expensive but if it limits my working day to less than 12 hours it makes me happy.
  15. 55 004 Queens Own Highlanders @ KX. Should make you feel better.

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