Viral marketing

Here is a challenge that I would like to put to you all:

Can anyone come up with a video clip like this: to advertise the TA?

Extra points to be awarded for

1) Getting a local college with a media course involved
2) Getting their lecturer to run it as an a-level/highers project
3) Sourcing the music from a student band
4) Making the 'source video' available, so it can be tailored for different unit/events
5) Actually getting recruits from it ;)

P.S. The original idea came from here:
Problem is, it can take a lot of time just to film a decent enough cross section of the material you want. You'd also want to avoid people who want to be controlling/directing the action too much since it'd intefere with training. The bods filming would probably need to shoot at least half an hour or even a few hours to get enough material to turn into a 3 min decent video. You'd also be looking at a few weekends and drill nights to get a wide enough range of material, and for editing. Annual camp would probably give plenty of opportunity. This time would have a cost associated to it, MTD's and a beer if a soldier. Travel, looking after the crew, fees, insurance if college types.

How do you sell it to the CO?

If used commercially e.g. direct recruitment, then the music would require license.

Incidentally TA_s has a decent dv camera, getting to grips with things but as a result would be cheap to borrow for units in the N of Eng, or further if you're going to pay for the travel. If you'd like a professional then I can get you in touch with a BBC Scotland camera bod who'd probably do freelance.
And you think that video was compiled by a professional camera crew?

Get a student band and offer them £50 for their sound track - you could even credit them at the end.

It doesn't need to be a professional production, just something cool enough for people to swap via mobile phone/email.

Think solutions dear boy, not problems.

I think this would be a stunning idea MSR...

It would take a LOT of work, but becasue its the TA I imagine that there would be a lot of people who may have the expertise to help out with certain parts of it... such as shooting or music and editing...

But as far as recruitment is concerned, it would be an absolute stunner. Question is, what sort of content would you be looking at? martial arts mixed with TA excercise? Free running examples such as those in the beginning of the vid?
sounds ace. why not make a series of 30 second videos. most phone cards wont tkae more than 5 minutes of film, and even if they could people cant be arsed to have something that will take up the whole of their phone memory.

get little clips of soldiers doing amazing things, free running across copenhil down, para jump, whatever. then at the end just flash the British Army, be the best logo for a second or so. I would say get people to send in their mobile phone clips and the best few win a prize......but then again, we may just end up with naked royal marines and rollmats again.

to be honest, isnt the problem retention, this may be a wahh as i am only an OCDT, but certainly in our humble unit loads of people join and then leave soon after. no wether that is because they see me i dont know, but it could be likley :D

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Perhaps this one could be adapted for the RLC, Chefs in particular???

Look Here.

Hope this helps :D
I was just asking the questions that I would expect to be fired back at me if I were to approach my troop commander or RSM (head of recruitment) and suggest such an idea. If it can be filmed on phone then great, but the images are not always that brilliant :?

I imagine that the video of the martial arts was filmed on a handheld DV cam by a member of the martial arts club or mutual friend and it looks like they knew what they were doing with it. Not 'professional quality' by anymeans, but still good. As clearbluesky said, there's probably someone in your unit, or regiment that has a camera and can use it well, or knows someone who does/can.I doubt all the jumps were only filmed once, things probably had to be repeated, this could be harder with TA activities. I guess it comes down to the variety of things you want to be shown. Also do you want to film actual training or just stage stuff? Each has it's benefits and drawbacks.

Top of my head possible material, film a few mins and grab the best couple of seconds or so from each:
Soldiers in trade
NBC sessions
Public disorder training
Some off road driving
JRC fun
Adventure training - Gliding!
PT - bods getting in from a CFT looking wary or something.

Filming a sort of annual camp diary could be cool, since quite a lot, or all, of the above happen.
Where's the viral part?

Is the plan to do a chain letter type thing?

i.e. send this to five people in the next five minutes or we'll use your house for target pratice?

Otherwise,yes, I like the idea. We've been thinking about doing something similar, though it hasn't got beyond the planning stage yet.
The viral part: Release onto the Internet via YouTube and other such sites, if people like it they tell their mates, who then tell theirs etc, other websites also copy the material onto their own site. Additionally people download it to their mobile phones, and the video gets passed on that way as well. The Amarillo video is a good example.

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