Viper 2 and other TIs already in use


Hearing about the new Viper 2 and how its going to be such an improvement for the rifle platoon, well what will it do that the kit HMG has already bought won't?

Theres LION which is a platoon level handheld TI and SOPHIE which are company level TI binos (or so the Army website says at - not that I have ever come across them)! Theres TADS too apparently, which is TI and you slot onto an L96... Now this Viper will either be on weapons or handheld (like CWS) so what couldnt the 3 imagers already in service do?

We've got Spyglass but as this needs gas bottles and is only for OPs by recce pl and such, and OTIS for the artillery spotters so it says, so yes I guess the chances of your average rifle platoon getting their mitts on one are about a million to one. But according to this theres already a load of handheld and rifle-mounted TI in service...?



I ve used the binos great piece of kit take loads of battries though and supposedly not too robust though we never broke them .
not used the lion. i heard the hooti sights that our SF use at the mo were gonna be introduced at a section level into the infantry. not confirmed yet. hooti is pretty good really light. battery life is about 8hrs apparently. excellent bit of kit!

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