Violette Szabo museum

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by JoseyWales, Jun 27, 2009.

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  1. JoseyWales

    JoseyWales Crow

    I am spending a few weeks down home as of monday the 29th of June. I intend to visit the Violette Szabo museum with fellow ARRSER's.


    If anyone would like to join up with us please add your details on this post.
  2. JoseyWales

    JoseyWales Crow

    The date has yet to be arranged according to the availability of those interested and, of course, Miss Rigby.
  3. Taffnp

    Taffnp LE

  4. JoseyWales

    JoseyWales Crow

    Lifts can be arranged from Hereford BR etc.
  5. Poppy

    Poppy LE

    ha ha - I won't warn you about Miss Rigby and ruin the surprise :D
  6. Taffnp

    Taffnp LE

    Why is she really a man ? like Mrs Doubtfire ?
  7. Poppy

    Poppy LE

    no no nothing like that :wink:
  8. JoseyWales

    JoseyWales Crow

    No relation to Sir Ivo I trust?

    'The history of the laws and courts of Hong Kong from the earliest period to 1898. With a new foreword by Sir Ivo Rigby'.
  9. Taffnp

    Taffnp LE

    she used to be in the avengers ?
  10. JoseyWales

    JoseyWales Crow

    Steady Mr. Steed.
  11. martin7606

    martin7606 Old-Salt

    I take it it didnt go ahead for today as plannd then mate? I've P.m's you my mob, apologies for not getting back to you more promptly, I've been working. I'll keep checking his thread for an update.

  12. JoseyWales

    JoseyWales Crow


    I will put a cut off on this for this coming wednesday at 1700hrs. I will check the thread on thursday and call Miss Rigby that morning to arrange a convenient day.

    If anyone else is interested please PM me with your contact number so I can sort out a suitable day for all.
  13. polar69

    polar69 LE

    Is Ms Rigby her daughter ?
  14. Taffnp

    Taffnp LE

    I will go with any day you choose, can always take a day off work if needs be :)
  15. Patchett44

    Patchett44 Old-Salt

    V. nice muriel to the lady in Stockwell btw. Painted on one of those Underground air vent affairs. Cycle past it most days, & give her a nod