Violent thug to sue after police officer swore at him

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Archangel, Jul 27, 2009.

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  1. *&&^*^&^$&*%&^&(*&*&()&*)&*() ........ Better book myself on an anger management course.
  2. Couldn't agree more.
  3. Words failed me when I read about this in the paper this morning - the feckless scum moaned about getting tazered (which he promptly ripped out of himself)... considering that he threatened to shoot a policewoman, shouted "The first copper in here is getting ******** killed", and lunged at the police with a 6" knife makes me think that he's taking the urine just a little bit.

    Especially when he now turns around and says "I'm really scared of the police now". So you bloody well should be. The sergeant who hurt his feelings should be commended, not sent on a "management advice course".

    Who's got the fuel card for the bus?
  4. "I've got a hole in my heart"

    If this cnut tried this in SA he'd have a hole in his head.
  5. The nasty man swore at me! FFS he didn't even go down for his part. I don't know about the outrage bus but it might be time to look for the plane out of this twisted country!
  6. It would seem that Francis needs a few sessions of anger management therapy rather than the police officer.

    I'll bet this decision to send him on such a pointless course was made by someone who has never worn the same uniform as him either.
  7. Regardless of what he had done the copper was in the wrong too. It's a hat they wear not a crown
  8. I think the Daily Mule has got this a bit wrong.

    What I think they mean is that the Sgt got Management Advice, a normal means of disposal when someone has done something they shouldn't. They get told, 'don't do it again' and the Complaint can be filed. It doesn't really mean anything, it just helps get the complaints filed in the eyes of the IPCC (Independant my arrse!) There is no such thing as a Management Advice course, and it doesn't mention Anger Management.

    The real outrage is that this twat thinks he can sue, and will get legal aid to do so, no doubt!

    Personally I think he should be strapped to a Fig 11 and used for taser practice!
  9. I am not a Plod-Lover, but I really think that you need to have a word with yourself.
  10. In the newspaper article it states that Francis has a heart defect since birth. I would suggest that he has a more serious defect above the neck.
    A box of 9x19 should do the trick.
  11. You TWAT!
  12. Really, haven't we seen enough of police excess ? swearing is just the thin end of the wedge.

    Go google G8 protests, If they put their selves on a pedestal then they better do everything by the book, we have to ...
  13. Er, true 8O I doubt if her Royal Maj (gawd bless 'er) would wade into the fray with a taser against a p1ssed up/ drugged up homicidal manic while effing and blinding ... so it's not a crown they wear then :roll:

    (or a halo... or rather it soundn't be)

    Is there some part of this story you're not connecting with?

    "...he barricaded himself into a room at the address in Ambassador's Way, North Shields, where he used a hammer to smash the walls, and screamed: 'The first copper in here is getting f****** killed, come on, I only want one of you.'

    But they substantiated his claim a sergeant was guilty of misconduct because he swore at Francis, and he was ordered to undergo a Management Advice course."
  14. You don't think that the Outrage Bus has been taken in error ?.

    It is possible that Plod is going on an Anger Management course as an instructor?. Viz - 'Taser the angry' violent nasty types to manage the situation safely.