Violence escalating in Iraq


At least 23 people, mostly policemen, have been killed in attacks against police stations in the western Anbar province for the second day in a row.

In Haditha, 200km north-west of Baghdad, fighters with rocket-propelled grenades and mortars attacked a police station at dawn on Sunday.

After a 90-minute battle in which six policemen were wounded, the attackers took 21 captured policemen to the K-3 oil-pumping station area and shot them dead.

In nearby Haqlaniya, Brigadier Shaher al-Jughaifi, security chief in western Iraq, died in an attack on a police post.

Fighters killed another Iraqi police officer and wounded one in the town of Baquba, north-east of Baghdad, police said.

"A large number of attackers, estimated at about 200, ambushed the main police station in Haditha and another smaller one in Haqlaniya," an officer, speaking on condition of anonymity, said.

"The attackers disarmed the police, gathered them together and then shot them dead," he said.

Policemen found their colleagues with their hands tied behind their backs, while the attackers made off with their weapons and about 15 vehicles.

Seen as collaborating with the US-led military, Iraq's fledgling security forces are a top target for groups fighting to drive out foreign forces.
I wonder if ww shouldn't be concentrating our efforts to find these insurgents on Karbala?
President Bush's described Iraq as a country that "gathers the most serious dangers of our age in one place"

It's like they're the Wal-Mart of evil.

I think they should have Pvt. Lindy head the assualt...leading
ole' Saddass on her leash.

Well, if you're the bad guys and you watch a huge build-up around Falluja suck troops away from other areas do you:

a. Stay on in Falluja to get a spanking;
b. Go somewhere else and do the spanking.

Only a complete mong would have expected anything different.

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