Violation of human rights ?

Heard today that one of the blokes from another office has been sacked......for knocking one out at his desk..

Now whilst admiring his powers of concerntration I can't help wondering if sacking him for this is illegal, surely his human rights have been comprimised by doing this

Incidently its a large open plan office and he shares a group of desks with 5 girls
Five women? Can't blame him for knocking one out! Bad drills for getting caught, mind.

Must be against his human rights. Tell him to appeal!
I would say he deserves promotion, not being sacked!

Mind you, he was obviously caught, so he cant be THAT good. Tell him to take it a bit slower next time. :twisted:
A man's desk is his castle as I always say. If he wants to milk hisself, that's up to him so long as the 'spray' does not land on someone else's desk.

Appeal I say!
one of the guys at work did this in his van....fully reclined drivers seat....wand out....lube (no im not kidding)....and THRAPPPPP...........right outside the General managers office window....which was being used for a meeting.........OH dear! :omfg:

They rang him and told him to look up........HELLLOOOO....Wanker!!!!! :tp:

You are the wanker link...goodbye! :wave:


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I certainly would not make a fuss if one of the fine ladies whipped out her flange and started flicking her bean.

Unless it was Faye Turney, but that is just sick.

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