Vintage White Helmets Video

I saw the White Helmets on You've Been Framed, on Saturday night. Burning bike, not a bucket of sand in sight, result - one chimp in a white helmet pushing a smoked push bike!
Laugh? I nearly bought a fecking round in!!!
I cannot view the video at the moment due to the "DFTS Fun Police." However, if any of you are in Blandford then there are some similar clips in the Corps Museum of people half killing themselves whilst undergoing selection.

Laugh? I very nearly pissed my pants!
roadster280 said:
The stand the blokes were in looks like Aldershot to me. "All ranks will parade at the sports ground at 1500 wearing ponchos".
I can't recall the name, but the barracks at the top of the hill on the road towards Richmond, used to be home to the White Helmets and the touring recruiting team. That would be the logical location. Anyone recognise anybody amongst the eager crowd?
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